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Brock Boeser Injury "Boeser is on the ice for morning skate"


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Just now, cuporbust said:

Its not "potentially" its fact. 


U don't slide to the bench on ur knees from the far boards because of a charlie horse. Does not look good. 

Yeah I removed potentially, just wasn't sure if he was coming back or not but now I've learned he isn't :mellow: 

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3 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

He wasn't helped off the ice either. He used his other foot to push himself to the bench on his knees. 

commentators lied, they said he was helped off. I was in the bathroom when this happened so I still haven't seen it yet :sadno:

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2 minutes ago, MoneypuckOverlord said:


now there is nothing to really to look foward too now.

Virt, Goldobin, and Pouliot developing, plus the return of Boeser and Horvat to watch them grow.  Highly doubt this is a season-ending injury, but losing Brock for any period of time will pretty much confirm us as sellers at the deadline.

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