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[Trade] Stars trade Jamie Oleksiak to Penguins for 2019 conditional 4th-round pick

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9 minutes ago, Jaku said:

I'm surprised it cost so little. Not the greatest dman but he's certainly a serviceable one.

Yeah, he’s underwhelming for a 14th overall, but still seems like great value for a 4th round pick.


He’s turning 25 in a couple days, 6’7” and 255 lbs, and he will likely break 200 career NHL games by sometime next year.


That would be considered a big time “hit” for the kind of player you’d expect to draft in the 4th round.


But mid round draft picks tend to be a little bit overvalued in this league.


However, he has had 5 seasons to prove himself and is aging out soon from the team control years. And FA depth Ds are not really a high value commodity. So a lot depends on if he’s going to ever be anything more than a 15ish minutes per night guy. I’m assuming the Stars think he won’t.

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Penny Oleksiak: First Canadian athlete to win four medals including one gold medal at the Olympic games.


Olympic Games: 2016 - BRONZE (4x100m freestyle relay), SILVER (100m butterfly), BRONZE (4 x 200m freestyle relay), GOLD (100m freestyle), 5th (4x100m medley relay)

FINA World Championships (Junior): 2015 – GOLD (4x100m mixed freestyle relay), SILVER (50m butterfly), SILVER (100m butterfly), SILVER (100m freestyle), SILVER (4x200m freestyle relay), BRONZE (4x100m freestyle relay), 5th (4x100m mixed medley relay), 5th (4x100m medley relay), 14th (50m freestyle)


The Penguins  are gearing up for the playoffs by adding grit, toughness and  enforcers.  A steal for only a 4th round pick.

I always like Oleksiak and wish Vancouver traded for him.  Big, tough stay at home defensemen who will drop the gloves and smash faces.

Imagine the twin towers, Oleksiak, 6'7" 263lbs, Tryamkin, 6'7" 265lbs, on the PK

Jamie Oleksiak's sister won gold at the Olympics, he has a chance to win silver. 

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