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2 hours ago, thejazz97 said:

small.png Brogan Rafferty - 3 years, $1.2m

small.png Josh Teves - 3 years, $1.2m

small.png Jake Lucchini - 3 years, $825k

small.png Jake Kielly - 3 years, $875k

These four have been added but have all the wrong contract details (AAV, length). Delighted to add four more exciting young talents!

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1 minute ago, Azzy said:

These four have been added but have all the wrong contract details (AAV, length). Delighted to add four more exciting young talents!

Every contract I listed has the wrong details, I had to add them quickly on my lunch break :lol: they'll all be fixed when I'm home after work

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small.png Arttu Ruotsalainen - 4 years, $2.5m


small.png Lukas Radil - 2 years, $1.4m


small.png Oliwer Kaski - 2 years, $2.5m


small.png Wayne Simmonds - 4 years, $3.75m


small.png Jimmy Huntington - 2 years, $650k

small.png Brandon Hagel - 2 years, $650k

small.png Chase Priskie - 2 years, $700k

small.png Jake Elmer - 2 years, $650k

small.png Emil Djuse - 1 year, $650k



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Just now, thejazz97 said:

small.png Oliwer Kaski - 2 years, $2.5m

We had three free agents who were very popular in Oliwer Kaski (seven teams interested), Ilya Mikheyev (five teams), and Taro Hirose (eight teams). And interest is similar enough with each of them that we had to go to a third round of offers for each. Playing time and place in the organization's plans (which the pitch is for) is very much a factor alongside term and AAV, and as the offers get tight, the best offer is one that checks all factors.


For anyone wanting an update on Mikheyev and Hirose, we've narrowed it down to two teams each. Both are heading to the Eastern Conference. They won't be heading to the same team. I'll be sending out correspondence on them later this morning.

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6 minutes ago, thejazz97 said:

He might end up playing with Hughes or Hischier, which would definitely boost his stock. Worst case scenario... Zajac?

I see him second line with Bratt and Hischier.





After that their roster is a bit of a crapshoot

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The Habs would like to Terminate the Contract of Julius Bergman ..he has signed with Frölunda in Sweden a while ago. 





He stacked early and made five seasons in AHL. As a 23-year-old, Julius Bergman chooses to move home, to Gothenburg and Frölunda Indians. 
- It feels good. And I wanted to go to Frölunda, Sweden's best team, so it was not a difficult choice, says the big, heavy, but still young slope who describes himself like this: 
- I am a two-way back who works hard. And after five years abroad I am hungry and really want to show what I can do. This will be really fun.

Bergman is fostered in Karlskrona - just like the twins Westerholm - but moved to Gothenburg and Frölunda's academy in 2012. It became a match in SHL in Roger Rönnberg's newbuilding season 2013/2014 before the adventure in the US. 
- Julius is a defensive stable back we like. He has been fighting in North America for a few years, but it was time to come home now. We know what we get and the extra fun getting home an Academy player, says Frölunda's assistant coach Björn Liljander. 
Julius Bergman's contact with Frölunda extends over two seasons, until spring 2021.


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