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[Report] Canucks recall Michael DiPietro

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2 minutes ago, AllWeatherFan said:

Anyone who would say that when a man’s Father just passed away is a complete a**hole. 

Sadly, we have quite a few of those in this fan base. 


Marky is is an absolute warrior and doesn’t deserve anything he’s going through right now. Poor guy

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1 hour ago, 24K PureCool said:

I'm more surprised they called up DiPietro more than anything else.


Classy and expected move by this organization to let Marky lay his father to rest. 

DiPietro has been having a solid year in Utica, so much so that it looks like he's the 1a option at this point. He deserves the callup from that standpoint unless you mean that he should be continuing his work in Utica.

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5 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

The latter.

They're just rewarding him for his work and this will be a short callup, so he will get some practices with the big club, get an NHL paycheque for the time and then back to the grind in Utica. They don't need to burn him out in Utica either, so MacIntyre will get his fair share of games anyway, but now he knows he's starting and can prep for it.

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