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RIP Regis Philbin

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27 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

People dying is funny? I hate humans .

Well, I suppose if you hate humans, then people dying might actually be funny.  


(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


I’d agree that a joke might not be the most appropriate way to start an RIP thread. Although I also think celebrity RIP threads tend to be a little too serious, and a little irreverence from time to time wouldn’t really bother me. It’s highly unlikely anyone here actually knew Regis or was really impacted by his passing.


And it’s not exactly a tragic, untimely death. Guy lived to the ripe old age of 88. Fathered 4 children, set the record for most hours by one person on US television, and left behind a fortune of some $150 million. 

Sounds like a life well lived.

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3 hours ago, GoCanucks16 said:

Two people dying? What a day.

Many people die in the world - some for very stupid reasons.


That being said, Regis Philbin was an icon that managed to entertain a huge diversity of people - and still be relevant. As we continue our lives, we start to see more of these icons pass away, which is very sad. No doubt he lived an awesome life. I'm sure he had no regrets.

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