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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Laffs | February 8, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | TVAS, SNP

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53 minutes ago, bree2 said:

people need to get over this, fire Green, Fire Benning.  and whining about the players that have left. every team in the NHL changes players every year.   now that our team is back home and starting to get days off, i believe things will change and the team will start winning . you got to have faith.! as for Toffoli he only scored against us. he hasn't scored since!  anyways it gets tiring posting about  why those players left.  time to move on!!!

when has a team lost  a top d-man, top goalie, top 2 rw , assistant coach, and scout ?

that looks like the actions of a new GM, but Jim is in year 7

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12 hours ago, Tom Sestito said:

alright mr gudbranson better than tanev

look who stepped up to defend HF boards.

is that the best you've got Tom? 

it reminds me of the exchange he had with Brad Richards.

that's some weak straw game - you are unable to quote something because, obviously I've never made that argument, but I imagine you probably know that.


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29 minutes ago, 180sret said:

Gotta look at the reasons, you guys would have screamed bloody murder if he signed those contracts. Those players were always showing up in trade threads and now we need them?

I am glad we did not sign Markstrom to that deal

but maybe Jim could have done better earlier, maybe not Marky was giving us an MVP season.

but Toffoli, Tanev and Stecher show Jim really does not have his finger on the pulse of this (that) team

And then bringing in Schmidt, who does not fit the Canuck MO at all.

I don't think the Canucks have had a funny guy in the dressing room since Bieksa left

Schmidt does not fit with the Horvat / Green quiet serious outlook.

I'd like to see Schmidt and Miller take the podium after a game, Just a hunch but I bet they don't get along

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Anyone know if we’re wearing the skate jerseys this season?


I noticed the team was practicing with black helmets today. Thought that was kinda odd and then wondered if they’re getting ready to roll out the black jerseys.

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