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Post & Rank your all time Rock N Roll Line Ups!

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While the Canucks currently sulk? A rock tragic, I needed something top do.


So here is the gig; pick a 25 or 27 man hockey style roster for each position in a rock & roll band.  


This format is Lead guitar, Front Man / Women, Rythym / Acoustic guitar, Piano, Bass, Drummer.  I also could not limit myself to two drummers, as we would two goalies in an NHL line up? They set the beat so to speak. Feel free to play with how the rock positions get deployed!  


How do you rank your best all time rock line ups?


Duane Allman           Jim  Morrison               Malcolm Young             

Eric Clapton            Paul McCartney              Chuck Berry

Jimmie Page           Freddie Mercury            John  Lennon

Jimmie Hendrix         Janis  Joplin                  Chet  Atkins

Billy Gibbons             David Bowie


             Ray Charles                        Phil Lynott                     

              Elton John                      John Entwistle

          Jerry Lee Lewis                 Tina Weymouth

           Ray Manzarek                     Willie Dixon   


                                  Neil Peart

                             Mick Fleetwood

                             Tommy Ramone

                               Billy Cobham

                                Keith Moon


Honorable mentions; John Bonham, Mick Jagger (so many top lead singers & guitars!), Stevie Nicks, Prince, Tom Petty, Flea on bass from the Chile Peppers. I found bass hard to pick. I am least expert here? So many honorable mentions are possible. Eddie Van Halen I felt so guilty leaving off my guitar list. Springsteen & Angus Young will make lists. Is Stevie Wonder or Aretha Franklin a ''rock'' artist? They would be on my list. Could have had another list for things like Ian Anderson's from Jethro Tull for rock flute.  


These are just my rankings. Tell me your thoughts, post yours?

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For center ice/lead singer


Freddy Mercury- all round best ever as lead

Anne Wilson- an amazingly powerful  player/voice

Pat Benatar- the hit maker, all round talent able to play rough or skilled  rock/opera

Jim Croce- a true glue guy, hard working, brilliant at building emotion in his team and audience


At drums/goalie

Buddy Rich- An immense talent, could and did do it all

Neil Peart- A huge talent in his own right, but also a great teacher who has taught many up and comers.


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On left wing/guitar


Jimi Hendrix-simply an amazing player

Paul McCartney- providing the bass, and writing the tune for the rest of the players

Toni Iommi- heavy hard playing needed, let the metal man do the work

Albert King- a hall of famer. When things are getting you down, his play will make you feel better.


Right wing/guitar

David Gilmour-  a finesse player of immense talent, can handle long shifts with ease

J.J. Cale- There is something magical about this man's ability to lend calm when required, but to also get down to the hard knocks.

Eric Clapton- hall of fame, played for many teams, quality through out the seasons

Randy Bachman- underrated prairie boy, hard rocking player for years, has recently been jazzing up his skills


Horns/ right Defense


Dick Parry- saxophonist for Pink Floyd, amazing endurance

Gatormouth Clements- from Bruce Springsteen's Band, A large guy, with blinding skill

Lou Marini- sax, flute, clarinet, the man could play them all.

Billy Joel- a bit of a sleeper, but a heck of a trumpet player, can also do ok on keyboards/ left defense


Keyboards/ left D

Jerry Lee Lewis- a rocker scrapper brilliant performer

Keith Emerson- made some of the greatest plays

John Mayall- able to do it all, sing, keyboards, harmonica, a guy that showed a lot of greats how to do it.

Burton Cummings- hell of a piano player, flute, guitar or lead vocals, any one gets injured, put Burton in.



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Neat exercise


Eric Clapton  -  Ronnie James Dio  -  Jeff Beck

Jimmy Paige (Led Zeppelin) -  Rob Halford (Judas Priest)  -  Randy Rhoades (Ozzy)

Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple)  -  Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)  -  Eddie Van Halen

Dimebag Darrell (Pantera)  -  Floor Jansen (Nightwish)  -  John Petrucci (Dream Theater)

Jimmy Hendrix


Jon Lord (Deep Purple)  -  Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)  -  Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)

Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish)  -  Geddy Lee (Rush)

Rick Wakeman (Yes)  -  John Myung (Dream Theater)


Neil Peart (Rush)

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)

Chris Adler (Lamb of God)

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)

Ian Paice (Deep PUrple)




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Lead Singer: Ann Wilson, Freddie Mercury, Geoff Tate, Chris Cornell, Bruce Dickenson


Guitar: Brian May, Jimi Hendrix, Prince (Rotate for vocals), Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour

           Backup: Kanami Tomo, Justin Hayward


Bass: Misa, John Entwhistle, Paul McCartney (Rotate in Vocals) Jeff Martin, Greg Lake


Keyboards: Keith Emerson, Mike Pinder


Drums: Akane Hirose, John Bonham, Don Henley, Don Brewer, Roger Taylor


Pretty much most of the guitarists and bass and drummers can sub in for vocals as well. 

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5 minutes ago, Canuck Surfer said:




I was going to put this guy, playing with Stevie  on my band list but then I'd have probably submitted an all Canadian team; way too much thinking during a game. 

Also can't believe I didn't have SRV on my players list, yet not sure I'd bench anyone in his favour. Well, there are always injuries so put these two in as next to play


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Lobby Loyde ....Freddie Mercury....Chuck Berry 


Jimi Hendrix....Aretha Franklin.....Stevie Ray Vaughan 


Les Paul....Prince....Jeff Beck 


B.B King....Paul McCartney....Tom Morello 


John Bonham....Ornette Coleman 


Stewart Copeland....Louis Armstrong 


Keith Moon....Miles Davis 


Roger Waters 


Mike Burkett 










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Lead - Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

Besides creating a more enigmatic band than your typical power-vocal-bro, he brings kinda everything to the group including keys, guitars, sounds, writing, etc

Although not having a spot for Chris Cornell seems disrespectful.


Lead Guitar - Jimi Hendrix 

So many greats, but this band is all about tone and sound and also, he's Hendrix


Rhythm Guitar - Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

There's a thousand better guitarists for this spot I'm sure, but this gives some more youthful and feminine energy to the group. To say nothing of the artistry, vocals and style.


Bass - Les Claypool (Primus)

Any of the great nineties funk metal guys will have done nicely - Bill Gould (Faith No More), Flea (Chilis) etc... but Claypool is my favourite for this spot


Keys - John Medeski (Medeski Martin and Wood)

Again, all about the tone, avant-garde, jazz-funk, Hammond B3 and Moog


Drums - John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)

Again, all about the tone, and similar to Hendrix, he's John Bonham


With him on the back end I think it would all feel like this 14 second clip:



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13 hours ago, Ilunga said:

Les Paul.

So sweet the tone of his guitar.  Innovation on the instrument itself used by almost everyone!  



I had Prince in highlights as perhaps, the single hardest omission from my list. Under rated as a guitar player, he could be on all time lists for dance, funk, R & B, rock?


Almost anything he is so goood...



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