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  1. Detroit's on a furious run right now. They haven't lost a game in almost a month.

  2. Why is everyone acting as if Demko is a sieve?



    You people baffle me... :picard:

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Side note about Boeser!!! My brother's friend has his daughter in the Canucks for kids organization. First hand, Boeser says he's ahead of schedule on recovery...I am trying to see if I can get his picture/post.

    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      Kid might be capable of stealing games, but he's also not at the point where he's ready to contribute at a high level consistently. He's definitely a big step down from Marky at this point in his career. Not his fault, of course. 

    4. Bell


      I think we are very fortunate to have such a capable backup.  Demko will shine, get well Marky. Go Canucks Go.

  3. Please don't trade for Tyson Barrie... Jim I beg you.

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    2. Tystick


      To be fair, he might play very well paired with Edler or Hughes. You never know.

      Something tells me he won't cost us too much to acquire.

      If we end up with Barrie tomorrow, and it was a fair deal, I will be excited.

    3. Rounoush


      Definitely don't want him for the price the Leafs are looking for.

    4. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I wouldn't mind Barrie if the cost is any or all of Stecher, Baer, Sutter and nothing else.

  4. The Leafs had total GARBAGE as their D in 2016-17 and they made the playoffs. We have Hughes as well. The D is still a problem but it shouldn't be this bad. I believe this is a system issue.
  5. This roster should be a playoff roster. This system we're running is not a sustainable one, and Travis seems like he's way too soft on these guys. We need a coach like Gallant, Laviolette or someone who has experience and knows a thing or two about systems and handling players.
  6. If we can't beat these non-playoff teams then we don't deserve to make the playoffs.
  7. At least the OOT scoreboard is going good for us.
  8. Wild just want it more than us right now. I don't get why this team isn't playing PO'd after that garbage game against the Ducks...
  9. In the past year I have stopped caring about the business and management side of hockey. I noticed that I was getting too caught up in what will the Canucks do with their cap issues and how will they make this team competitive. As I watched this team this season I stopped caring about that and just wanted to support this team and watch hockey. I have to say, getting out of that mindset really helped me find joy in supporting this team again, since I let my mind off of what management will do and what this team will look like in 2-3 years. I remembered that all these issues are not my problem and that it is up to the guys who actually are paid to do their job. What I see on these forums, even if everybody here is passionate about this team, seem too caught up in the business of hockey that they forget to just simply sit back and enjoy this team and for what it is this season.

    1. coastal.view



      but the cost of beer

      to enjoy with the experience of watching hockey

      still haunts me

      and my pocket book

  10. Can we ban anybody who makes a trade Boeser thread from now on? Armchair GMs are the worst...
  11. It appears that you are not worried about making stupid trade proposals.
  12. You have this perception because you're mostly watching Canucks games. If you watch other teams, you'll see quickly that goalies steal many many games every night. Even elite teams have to get bailed out every so often. That's why the goalie position is the most important in hockey.
  13. Merry Christmas my friends!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Merry Christmas.





    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      merry christmas mr. jam. have a great day. 

    3. SabreFan1
  14. NBA officiating is awful, I'd say it's worse than NHL officiating. :sadno:

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    2. Toews



      It doesn't help that an NBA official got caught betting on games a little over a decade ago.  It makes you wonder how many other officials in the NBA never were or have yet to be caught fixing games for their own benefit.


      Fortunately I lost any major interest in pro basketball 20 years or so ago.


      These days, the players basically run the friggin' league.

      @SabreFan1 The current system only really works for the superstars. Don't get me wrong, the way the NBA revenues are even bench players get paid a crap ton of money. But the reality as a bench player is that you know you are commodity and the team feels zero obligation towards you. Its quite likely you are going to bounce around in 5 different teams in like 8 seasons so you have no continuity and the constant movement makes it harder to develop your game.


      Superstars can choose where they want to play but about 90% of the league will basically have little to no control over their future unless they want to intentionally take a haircut to play in a big city on a contender. Its basically become a system where no one feels any loyalty towards anyone, GMs trade guys without much of a thought and players do the same. If a superstar like Anthony Davis doesn't feel that he needs to honour his contract then no GM feels they need to show any loyalty towards a player even if they signed him like a week ago. 


      Combine this all with how boring the game has become with little to no defense played and constant chucking up 3s and it has made the sport borderline unwatchable. The regular season is basically the pre-season and the playoffs don't usually start until the 2nd round is over. The NBA used to be hands-down IMO the most entertaining league in the world. Now to me its easily the most boring. 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      NCAA basketball is far more entertaining. 

    4. SabreFan1


      @Toews The star angle is my point.  Two or three stars talk to one another and decide that they want to play for one certain team to get an easy/cheap championship ring or two, and there goes any kind of intrigue until they move on to a bigger paycheque once they have their rings. 


      Can you imagine if all of a sudden several of the NHL's best players decided that they wanted to go to Edmonton and win a couple of cups with McDavid? 

  15. Mark Stone looks like a nerd. Travis Green is still a bad coach.
  16. Now imagine if they started on time. Would've destroyed 'em. That's why we are frustrated, because this team is clearly better than the Sharks when they start playing.
  17. It's so frustrating the way this team is playing, they have talent and decent support players but they play so casually like they're in a rec league. This team has not played consistent hockey since the end of October. I think Green is too soft, and he's clearly not a good tactician.
  18. Also we looked slower than the Sharks the majority of the game... Their average age is 60 years old HOW ARE THEY QUICKER AND STRONGER THAN US!?
  19. Played one period of hockey. Unacceptable with these crap performances. Consistent effort is a huge issue and some of that blame should be on the coaching staff, but the players should know how to play and be prepared, they're not babies.
  20. This game was stupid and I hated it... Good thing we won though! And Markstrom singlehandedly saved our a**.
  21. It also feels like the Canucks skate slower and take a long time to pass compared to literally any team we have played.
  22. I haven't seen a team this season that has a defensive system like we do, it's astonishing how I can see it sitting on a couch on a television screen. Literally every other team starts checking in the neutral zone, we simply let them in the O-zone. Might as well have a bright red carpet as we invite the opposing team to assault our poor goaltenders.