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  1. i wonder if jake virtanen, could some day, grow into a perfect linemate for EP?

    riding shotgun.

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    2. Canuck Surfer

      Canuck Surfer

      I agree Heffy. Not much downside IMO either.


      And upside? A 2knd or 3rd line crashing & bashing winger that can move up, function with top players. Even add dimensions which help them operate!


      A 220lb Burrows!  :frantic:   :wacko:   :frantic:

    3. Canuck Surfer

      Canuck Surfer

      As further above; Jake needs to improve his handling of the puck. Protect the puck in tight, make plays. A bit of stickhandling.


      He's also got to become a net front presence. Learn how to make tips. He should be a no brainer for rebound goals. At the very least I believe Green will knock him into shape for rebounds. But all this is within his capacity.

    4. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Exactly.  Jake's shortcomings are all fixable with proper coaching, which he has been receiving and responding positively to.  He really improved a lot last season with driving the play, but wasn't getting any of the bounces to go his way.  Fortunately, he kept at it instead of letting it frustrate him, as he has done in the past.