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Marchand Playoff Diving

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The playoffs kind of remind me of Space Jam. When those little alien guys go to the NBA games and pick out a player and they drain his talent and suddenly that player sucks. I bet that is what is happening this year, all these diving players just had their talent stolen by aliens and forgot how to skate.

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I think you miss the point.

However if you have the guts to open up a Kesler diving threat, feel free to do so.

Our point is that, we are being accused of "diving" Marchand dived at least 3 times in one game, but no one is actually talking about it. CBC Ron Mcelan etc etc. So in our defence it's unfair for our players to be labled divers,w hen infact there are plenty of other players doing the same thing. If you compare the Marchand ones too Kesler ones, the Marchand one's are for more obvious.

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