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Who Will Have a Breakout Season Next Year?


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Simple, who do you guys think will have a breakout season and why?

For me, I think Booth will have a huge year and get close to his 30-goal potential again. Last season was limited by injuries and despite being shuffled around the lineup, he was on pace for 20+ goals so if he gets a full season with Kesler (after he comes back) and Higgins I'll expect him to break through. He's still young and a very explosive player.

If Raymond stays, I see him to blow people's expectations out of the water. Say what you want, he is still young and still has potential that can break out any year now. It happens all over the league and could happen to Raymond too - we've seen him at his best and he's scary good (first 6 games coming back from injury he was the best Canuck hands-down). Especially with a proper off-season to bulk up and train this time, he could really shock people on our 3rd or 2nd line with 25ish goals.

If Kassian gets a full-time spot on this roster he too could break out with a 20 goal season of his own. He's got high potential which is just waiting to break out, and even if he starts off on our 3rd or 4th line I can see him move up during the season due to injuries, especially with the twins.

Hansen will probably keep improving as he has all his career and hit the 20 goal plateau (very likely), and I expect Edler to continue to get better and make it to the 50 point mark next season too as he too has shown no signs of slowing down yet.

As for defence, Gragnani has potential to break-out if he gets full-time duties (unlikely), Tanev might start picking up offence if he works on his shot in the offseason but I believe if MG doesn't find a top-4 defenceman, Ballard will really step up his game. He's finally getting the opportunity now and he played well down the stretch last season.

The biggest breakout though I believe will be Dale Weise (surprise). This guy has shown me glimpses of a great powerforward, he has a nice shot and very underated skill. Most importantly he's still very young and if he gets a full time 4th line spot he will score 10 goals or more.

Of course not all of these players can break out and there's a lot of conditions, so Hansen and Edler improvements are almost guarantees but the rest depend on a few things to happen, primarily ice time.

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I like what I saw from him last year. I wasn't all that sold on him at first but the guy has huge potential and I could see him breaking out. He's definitely started to win me over.


Saw some flashes of potential during last year's stint in the top-6. Lapierre is easily capable of being a 20 goal scorer if he shuts up, puts his head down and plays.

I think if last year showed us anything is that Burrows and Lapierre play really well together. Placed with Henrik they can be a potent scoring line that is gritty as hell. Placed with Kesler they are the most hated line in hockey. Obviously the status quo is winning formula but in short stints I think this line could be hugely effective.


Had a "break out" season last year. I am really curious to see if he continues this trend into next season as well.




Hoping he can get healthy and return to being a 40 goal scorer and playoff beast.


Hoping a full summer of training can get him back to form.


Ideally, I would like to see him dealt in the off-season but if he returns I think he's fully capable of being a 20-25 goal scorer if he find his form. I know coming off such an extensive injury is difficult, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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I think Burr is due for a career year. 30g/85pts region. Making it that much harder to sign him for low salary.

Lapierre is still young and may have a good year with the chance to play different lines throughout the season.

just my two cents.

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I liked what i saw out of Jensin in the presaeson games, i tought he could have stayed on anyother team, but we were to deep. I think Jensin makes the club and puts in 40 pts.

Cris Tanev will be much better, i say 10 goals and 30 pts

Zach kassian, will put in 30 points but will play a bigger role in the lineup.

D Booth will reflect on what kind of season kesler has, if kes nets 70+ then Booth goes 60+, if Booth gets 60+ then kes gets 70+. they will reflect eachother.

Edler gets allstar consideration again next season.

Sedins stay around 80 pts

Schneider will have the big breakout, he will win vezna...:)

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With any luck:


Schneider (As our starter)





and Stefan Schneider will have a crazy good training camp and be a solid 25 point physical centre we've been looking for on the 3rd or 4th line. (We can dream right?)

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