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Oilers Re-Sign Hall -- 7 Years


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Good for Hall and good for the Oilers. I would agree somewhere around 5 mil. The kid will be a great player if he keeps it up.

Edit: 6 mil is steep for an oft-injured forward. Needs to lay off the power forward style as he isnt big enough for it and move more for the finesse style.

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Confirmed 7yrs, $6mil per.

Sweet deal for Hall, considering his swiftly-building 'bandaid boy' status.

If this is the bar for Eberle, then it's quite obvious that Tamby's going to have a real tough time keeping his core together. Obviously there will be trades. If he's smart about it, he can swiftly build a winner. We'll see.

Garth Snow signing Tavares to $5.5mil per looks sweeter by the day.

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Mind you when people sign contracts its not just based off the achievements they have made over the years but what they will bring to the team int he future...considering Hall is potentially looking like a superstar within the next few years...this contract doesn't seem to far off....

not going to lie though THe Sedins signing at 6.1 mil per year is such a steal and they are elite/top tier players...

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