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Dave Bolland, Classy as Usual


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Chicago Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland was asked by a Twitter follower on Friday to retweet a comment he'd previously made about "wanting Bettman dead."

Bolland obliged, and on Saturday said that it was the wrong decision.

"It was a mistake, I never meant to retweet that out," Bolland told TSN. "I like to retweet for a lot of my fans and I just retweeted the wrong thing. I feel bad about it."

Bolland is the latest player to vent his frustrations towards the NHL and the current CBA discussions.

Last week, Red Wings defenceman Ian White called Bettman "an idiot," while Panthers forward Kris Versteeg called Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly "cancers."

Hurricanes winger Jeff O'Neill tweeted "Bettman, stop talking to the media. I wanna 'make whole' in your **** head."

O'Neill soon took the tweet down, blaming it on a hacker.

With no collective bargaining agreement in sight, the NHL cancelled all games through December 14 on Friday, along with the 2013 NHL All-Star Weekend in Columbus. The move brings the total number of games cancelled to 422, which includes the 2013 Winter Classic.


Well done, as usual. :picard:

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Bolland has everything, money, a championship, and a pension that will make him set for life even after he retires.

Despite all this, he has the gall to hurl death threats at Bettman, who represents the owners who pay players like Bolland.

My advice to Dave: Spend a few seasons traveling in a rickety plane in Russia and then re-think your situation, asshole.

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Bolland is probably one of the most classless players ever. He continues to come up with new ways to prove he is one of the rats of the NHL. Why would he even consider RTing this, his excuse is pitiful. "I just retweeted the wrong thing." Really that's all ya got? Weak.

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