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Should Hodgson still be in a Canucks uniform?


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For all those people demanding we make a "big" move at the deadline. Maybe the Hodgson trade is an example you really should trade either on draft day or in the offseason.

Very few teams in recent years did trade deadline moves and won a cup. The cup is usually won by teams that made a trade earlier in the year or in the offseason.

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I think we've already been around the track with this particular question....about a thousand times.

Will take a swing at this one way or the other though. The reasoning behind the trade at the time was to get some toughness and 'intangibles' in exchange for some skill and offense which Gillis deemed we had enough of when the trade occurred.

Obviously this has come back to bite us all in the @$$ a little bit..but really this trade still needs more time to ferment before real conclustions can be drawn.

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