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Bo Horvat has more skill than ppl give him credit for!

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I know not everyone thinks this way, but a large portion of Canucks fans and hockey fans everywhere bash the Horvat pick, saying things like he'll never pan out, 3rd line player at best, terrible trade value, terrible pick, etc. PEOPLE NEED TO GET EXCITED! He can easily be a top 2 C in this league and potentially a #1.

He had to work his way up the line up because he was on a deep and stacked london knights team since he got drafted by them. By the end of the year, he was their best player and that's nothing to scoff at.

Not sure who made this video, but credit to him/her for making it! .It's the first video that highlights his high end talent. I know many people here haven't seen him other than the youtube highlights of his OHL season and playoffs, and those didn't really give a good sense of his puck handling skills.

The fact is this kid has a lot more skill than people seem to know or give him credit for. His hands are severely underrated and his passing abilities are above average. This kid is Ryan Kesler minus the perceived bad attitude and diving essentially.

The point out of this is that people shouldn't be negative about the trade, his perceived talent and understand that with time this kid will be a gem. Maybe people can get a little more excited about him as a Canuck because I sure am.

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I'm telling you, as ridiculous as some people may think this sounds, Horvat is going to be a league wide stud and so is Shinkaruk. They will be Toews and Kane 2.0 but better.

...honestly, Horvat reminds me of Datsyuk in that he prioritizes defence just as much he does offense and he gets a lot of goals by making a play defensively and then making opposing teams pay offensively by scoring. He is a dirty player with slick hands, and he is a gem of a player. Also, Shinkaruk reminds me of St. Louis; size wise almost the same and he has the playmaking ability and sniping ability to burn defences....Canucks fans everywhere, don't worry, there is hope. This is arguably the best draft in Canucks history alongside drafting a stud in Jordan Subban who fell a lot and has more skill than brother PK. Can't applaud MG enough for what he did!

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It's not the pick that's the problem with the trade ... It's the fact that MG didn't trade Schneider for more. I think in everyones opinion, MG could have also bargained at least a roster player as well as the pick in return for Schneider.

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