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Mafia: The Game [Attraverso L'occhio]


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Alright ladies, lets get this show on the road.

I'm going to start this game off with a bang cause, why not? I HAVE THE MEDKIT. Now before I go and pass this off to someone and probably die in the coming round, seeing as there is no doctor, I'm willing to take a risk here, and since there is no Lackey or Kingpin or SK, you can be assured that if I am investigated, I am indeed a TP.

So with that being said, SHERIFF, INVESITGATE ME, and VIGILANTE PLEASE CONTACT ME . I'd like to keep the medkit going around in a circle with the Vigilante and the Sheriff.

I know this plan is somewhat different from the doctor because the Vigilante cannot confirm I am a TP by attacking me, but I urge the sheriff to at least investigate me so I can attempt to pass off the medkit to him, and if the Vigilante trusts me enough to contact me, I'll cycle it through the both of you until I die.

Anyways, good luck, and I cannot wait for the fake sheriffs to arrive in my PM.

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