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Mafia: The Game [Attraverso L'occhio]


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It was a dark, stormy night in the small town of CDC. SOB for MVP knew his time was coming. His severe gambling addiction had driven him to borrowing money from some shady people. They'd finally delivered an ultimatum -- pay up tonight or be fed to the fishes.

SOB knew there was no escape. Sitting in his living room, he waited for the Mafia to do their worst. It was around midnight when he heard the front door being kicked down.

"How do you want it?" one of the Mafiosi asked.

"Just get it over with," sighed a dejected SOB.

Closing his eyes, SOB waited for death's cold grip to take him away. A bullet to the back of the head, and he was gone. The Mafia tied him up and threw him in the trunk.

The next morning, a lifeless SOB for MVP is found floating down the river. It was clear; the Mafia had made their first move.

King Heffy was out having a drink at the local watering hole. Anything to get away from the old ball and chain for a night. It was getting late and he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he wasn't home at a reasonable time. Patting his buddy Captain Aerosex on the back, he got up and made his way towards the exit. Captain Aerosex grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Don't forget to lentil," he murmured to King Heffy.

After a long walk down the main drag, he'd finally found his way home. As he reached to grab the keys out of his pocket, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Fumbling for his keys, he yanked them out of his pocket and watched them fall into the sewage drain. The rustling was getting louder. He turned around and was promptly dragged into the back alley by a shadowy figure. King Heffy screamed as the Vigilante fired a bullet through his chest.

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Player List:


Master Radishes

Snake Doctor

Not A Fruit



Alchemy Time

Reigning Champ


Beluga Whale


King Heffy




Go Faulk Yourself




One one two


Captain Aerosex


Total: 21/23 players


SOB for MVP [Mafia Kill: Unknown]

King Heffy [Vigilante Kill: Not Mafia]

Total: 2/23 players

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And let the voting begin. The Vigilante was indeed telling the truth and I can now confirm I am in contact with the Vigilante. The Sheriff is yet to be confirmed, but I have passed the med-kit off to the Sheriff and Vigilante.

This round will probably be my last, but I will ask the Sheriff to investigate an individual for me to confirm if that person is TP or not. Here's hoping I get Mafia.

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