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Mafia: The Game [Attraverso L'occhio]


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I was all like "oh good, now the real game can begin," and then GFY goes and ruins it by outing a Mafia right away. :sadno:

Well, it'll allow me to get back to my roots. I hate trying to keep up deceptions via PM and such. I much prefer just straight vote and post analysis. This bandwagon will hopefully allow me to let me do that.

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Less we forget the MR tactics? I do not want to rain on his parade by any means. Just because he has gotten people to talk to him still hasn't proven anything technically. Logically I get ya for sure. If Kryten comes up as Mafia I will still show a little doubt as to his alliances as MR has made me paranoid as hell with this game and has shown many times noone can be trusted until proven so.

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