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Is Dale Weise the most underrated athlete of all time?!?!


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Ok no he definitely isn't.

That being said I think he is OUR most underrated player. No one ever gives him any credit but he's always bringing energy, throwing crushing hits, and surprisingly playmaking EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. He can score too if given the opportunity and ice time. It's amazing how much his speed has increased.

Vs the pens he was magic... money in the bank on that pass that lead to our second goal. While Crosby was just admiring his play on the ice.

Tonight he got a chance vs the Twins and looking at that pass it seemed like Weise was the long lost third Sedin. Phenomenal pass!!!

Yes I know Santorelli is underrated too, but he's well documented. Dale Weise is going under the radar.

WEISE IS AWESOME. Definitely one of my favourite players now. Hope he continues his good play and gets more ice time.

Dont you all agree?

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Flown under the radar but potential is and always has been there.

Weise was a scorer in junior and even at AHL level but being placed in a bottom-six role requires to learn how to crash around, play gritty, be defensively responsible, etc. Very hard to do all of that AND put up points in six or so minutes he was/still gets.

Reminds me of a guy who lit it up in Portland and Manitoba but had a few hard years in his transition to the NHL.

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I'm waiting for that Tom Sestito poster to come in here and try and argue that Weise is the liability out of the two of them.

Honestly I think Sestito has played pretty well too. Much better than last year.

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Weise is strangely under appreciated on this forum for reasons that I cannot fathom. He strikes me as an unsung type, a waiver acquisition making relative chump change who carved out a regular spot through hard work and determination.

I will always root for Dale Weise, wish more people would.

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Makes the odd nice play.

Also has his share of vacant moments.

Good speed. Hits hard.

Hands of stone that turn soft intermittently. Truly odd.

Full range of emotions player - frustrating, underdog, breakthroughs, boneheaded moments, stands up for teammates, works hard, forgets to take the puck with him at times, makes some nice passes, not the guy I want with the puck on his stick if the zone needs to be cleared...

Sometimes you revel in his success, sometimes you wish he weren't successful because it will lead to more minutes of the above.

Tough guy to really like, tough guy to dislike.

I like him. But I wouldn't mind if someone else earned his spot.

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