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Mafia: Zodiac - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS - Sign-ups open

Master Radishes

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Um, next time you should really consult with people before TBing, PPCLI

2) Kesler87-tp

3) Intoewsables-tp

4) PPCLI-mafia

5) Big Mike-tp

8) One one two-mafia

13) KeslerLuongo17-tp

14) Caboose-tp

15) OurTimeToShine-mafia

16) Luciferase-tp

17) D.Doughty-Mafia

21) VICanucksfan5551-cult

22) g_bassi13-tp

23) mau5trap-tp

24) Kryten-tp

25) HowYaDrouin-tp

28) JE14-tp

29) LTCanucksfanatic-tp

Yup, I just advocated killing my cult leader for kicks instead of the probable mafia. Well done.

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So it's 4 Mafia vs. 11 Townies? How does that shift when you factor in the potential cult members? Seems significantly less favourable after two people died needlessly.

When a cultist dies, does it show up in their death that they're a cultist? Do they simply have to have a pig sign?

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Pigs just need to Survive until the end of the game to win. I have no idea if there is a leader with conversion powers, but that is what I know about the pig sign

again, AFAIK Pigs are their own cult/group/team Without powers

.KeslerLuongo17 can you expand on this please.

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Random thoughts before I go to bed (assuming I can actually sleep -- this game is stressing the hell out of me).

- One of LTCanucksfanatic/VICanucksfan5551 is likely Mafia. Not because of their oddly similar names.

- How/why is D.Doughty still alive?

- There might only be two Pigs, and we're probably looking at this entire Cult thing all wrong. Waiting on a response from someone before I expand on this.

- If there's a Monkey out there that swapped PPCLI and Big Mike, please message me ASAP.

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Avelanch was the sheriff... and all the suspicion that was raised up by this whole cult nonsense caused him to be killed by the mafia, without all that pressure he would have gone under the radar, and determined every last mafia member.

Uh, he kind of did that himself by getting involved with mafia who also turned out to be "cult" members. That suspicion didn't materialize out of nothing. This is a fairly odd post IMO.

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