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NHL Tank Phrases (Can we make one for every year?)

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The last few drafts, there's been a tank phrase associated with each projected player to go 1st overall.

It's pretty accepted that the tank phrase for Hall and Yakupov were Fall for Hall and Fail for Nail. MacKinnon's was something like Stop Winnin' for MacKinnon.

Play Bad for Ekblad (or some slight variation) looks to be Ekblad's tank phrase.

I can't find any tank phrase for RNH online. The best I've come up with myself is Stop Tryin' for Ryan.

So we have (with input from the thread):

1980: Drink Whiskey and Budweiser for Dale Wickenheiser
1981: Don't Give a Fuck for Hawerchuk
1982: Give Teams some Slack for Gord Kluzak
1983: Keep Playing Rotten to draft Brian Lawton
1984: Play like Poo for Mario Lemieux
1985: Lack Heart for Clark
1986: Blow for Joe
1987: Don't Care for Pierre
1988: Avoid the Battle for Mike Modano
1990: Get the Golf Clubs a Goin' and Wait for Owen
1991: Another Loss for Lindros
1992: Call in Sick for Roman Hamrlik.
1993: Post a Bagel for Alex Daigle
1995: Suck Hard for Bryan Berard
1998: Give up Today for Lecavalier
1999: Don't beat anyone for Stefan
2000: Finish Low for DiPietro
2001: Lose the Puck for Kovalchuk
2002: Get Smashed for Nash
2003: Not in a Hurry for Marc-Andre Fleury
2004: Skate Slowly for Ovie (or Tailspin for Ovechkin)
2005: Losing Skid for Sid the Kid
2007: A Year of Pain for Patrick Kane

2008: Lose the Most for Stamkos

2010: Fall for Hall
2011: Stop Tryin' for Ryan
2012: Fail for Nail
2013: Stop Winnin' for MacKinnon
2014: Play Bad for Ekblad (or No Heart for Reinhart, Blowing it for Bennett, Drown and Fail for Draisaitl)
2015: Lose Honour for Connor

Can we, the brilliant minds of CDC, come up with any for McDavid and beyond (Chychrun, etc) and retroactively make some for Tavares and before?

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