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Mafia: Heroes (100th game special) - GAME OVER, HEROES WIN

Master Radishes

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Amazing that we won. Kryten I thank you so much for giving me the Thor role again. That actually changed the game more drastically than I'm sure we first thought. I'd like to thank Peaches for using Flash on me. That silencing role was the absolute worst as a TP.

And sorry Caboose for thinking you were Mafia this whole time up until you were investigated. I don't know why, but the way you played just breathed Mafia to me how you tagged along with votes. Obviously I was wrong.

Oh and Kes MVP this game

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If you're referring to this game...

Award ideas:

Best player overall: Kesler
Best Mafia player: VIC
Best TP player: Kesler
Most entertaining player: -------
Trickiest player: Depnding on what context you mean by "Trickiest", I'd have to put me in this one along with VIC, I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was Mafia early on up until Kes investigated me, and most people thought VIC was TP
Best ally: I didn't have one :[
Most entertaining drunk: Dral (But he was mostly high)


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