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Mafia: Heroes (100th game special) - GAME OVER, HEROES WIN

Master Radishes

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Award ideas:

Best player overall: Vic or MR

Best Mafia player: Vic or je

Best TP player: MR or intoews

Most entertaining player: me

Trickiest player: Vic/Je14

Best ally: edlerrocks or dral

Most entertaining drunk: none, please don't drink and play mafia. Annoying as hell

When have I ever tricked someone.
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Best player overall: MR

Best Mafia player: JE

Best TP player: MR

Most entertaining player: Dral/Aladeen

Trickiest player: JE. HM to MR and Toews

Best ally: Kryten and KH have been a lot of help when I've been allied with them in the past. Gbassi this past game too. I'm sure I'm forgetting others.

Most entertaining drunk: CA

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Best player overall: MR
Best Mafia player: MR
Best TP player: VIC. HM: Kesler
Most entertaining player: Aladeen. HM: Kryten
Trickiest player: JE?
Best ally: Homer vote for oh captain my captain because of "the game". HM: 112, Kryten, g_bassi, MR, VIC, ...everyone?
Most entertaining drunk: CA. Dral close second until he remembers not to lentil.

otis award - otis

Rookie of the Year - ?

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Best player overall: VIC/MR

Best Mafia player: MR

Best TP player: Toes

Most entertaining player: Aladeen

Trickiest player: VIC

Best ally: I dunno... Most fun I had playing was with Luci and Big Mike as our triad so I'll say them.

Most entertaining drunk: CA

Best Otis: Otis

ROTY: Otis

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Other award ideas:

-Favourite game

-Best SK performance

-Worst mistake made

-Best newcomer

I dunno. Just spitballing.

If you guys actually want to make a semi-serious business of this, we could finalize our categories, choose some nominees, and I could collect votes via PM for a big reveal at the end of next game or something. Or we could just keep it casual as it is now.

Of course, a lot of oldies will be left out, as the majority of active players won't remember them. Guys like Baldy, Hugh/Mastah, BieksaRocks, edler rocks, OCMC, Venom, etc were big back in the day, but none have played in awhile.

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-Favourite game: the one that culminated in AT convincing Peaches to lynch Apples

-Best SK performance: I don't remember them all. OTTS maybe?

-Worst mistake made: Kesler giving up the mafia list. No contest.

I've been avoiding nominating old players because I feel the level of competition wasn't as strong, so it's tough to judge. I'd love to see how well the titans of years past (Venom, TJ, and Baldy) would do nowadays.

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