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What style player do you want added?


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4) another skilled power forward instead of Booth e.g. Brandon Dubinsky (I know CBJ doesn't trade him but someone like him)

Did anyone watch the CBJ CHI game the other night? Dubinsky was an absolute beast on the ice with his size and skill & finish- maybe what Kassian will turn into in time.

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Someone with Ovechkin and Stamkos' scoring, P. Kanes puck handling, Datsyuks awesomeness, Charas size, Lucics toughness, Karlssons PMD, 2010/11 Sedinery, Kelsers beast mode, Kelsers determination, Grabners speed, Keslers defensive play, ROR's lack of penalties and Shea Webers shot

This basically describes myself. I bring all that to the rink but decided against hockey for a career cause I can't stand Bettman.

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If we aren't rebuilding, obviously we need to fix the forward group first. Time to trim the fat and add some skill, we are 2 legitimate top 6 players and a different system from being a good team again.

Sedins- (legitimate top line sniper)

playmaking winger-kes-Jensen/Burrows



It would be nice to trade one of our D for a good offensive D, but it's not even close to as important as getting real offensive depth.

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ill take one of each please

Matthias no to 2nd line.. I agree he should be a winger.. his big and strong along the boards.. I feel his size is a bit wasted down the middle.. Keep him on the 3rd line with Horvat/Richardson and Hansen

2nd line RW playmaker.. Ales Hemsky.. we've got Kesler and Higgins who can score.. we need someone who can dangle and put on their stick

Puck-moving Dman to replace Edler.. What happened to Ian White? Gilliuame Gelinas.. People worry about him being only 5'10, but I saw an interesting stat last night.. 8 Hits, compared to his opponents with 9 hits as an entire team

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One that can make big plays in big situations, carry the team when it matters and make their line-mates better.

Someone like Johnny Toews would be sick: a proven winner, with the ability to raise his play when it matters and the two-way ability and strength to either bull to the net and score a big goal or make a strong defensive play. Hoping Horvat can even become a shadow of Captain Serious, since with that he'd already have a really good career.

The electrifying puck-moving D would be an excellent fit on this team full of two-way guys, whereas center-wise we should still be okay for now, and I like Jensen and Shinkaruk's chances.

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