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Dealing from a position of strength. (Proposal)

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Goalies not named Ryan Miller:

Eddie Lack, Joacim Eriksson, Jacob Markstrom, Joe Cannata, Thatcher Demko

Whose currently the best: Eddie Lack

Who needs to improve the most: Joe Cannata

Who has been thought to have the most potential: Jacob Markstrom

Who does this organization seek to have as our number 1: Eddie Lack

Young wingers ready to make impact in 2-4 years: Shinkaruk, Kassian, Virtanen, Jensen, Zalew, Gren

Players who will probably have to move to wing: Gaunce, Cassels, Fox

^ Because of our hopefuls for being a center: Horvat, Vey, McCann

Notorious prospects and players we don't need dude to redundancy:

G: Eriksson, Markstrom, Cannata

F: Gaunce, Kassian, Grenier, Fox

Packages we could offer:

Gaunce, 2nd/Markstrom for Calgary's 2015 first

Eriksson, Kassian, 2nd for Evander Kane

Markstrom, 3rd for Torey Krug

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I'm not down to trade our prospect death. Chances are several of those players aren't gonna pan out. There's no such thing as a redundant prospect for us right now, since we don't know who might make an impact.

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All 3 teams laugh and hang up, and think less of Benning as a man from now on.

As Etsen pointed out. Teams will have several prospects that will never pan out.

The Calgary trade....good lord this could be a top 3 pick, and very likely a top 5.

They know it....they aren't giving that away for a 3rd string goalie and a 26th pick from 2 years ago.

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Yeah, Gaunce, 2nd Round pick, and Markstrom are piece of "junk". Not saying this is enough to get a 1st round pick but what we are giving up ain't junk.


First round pick player. Best goalie not in the nhl as crowned not long ago and ahl player of the month a few times plus a 2nd round pick.

Sure all crap....

The cdc continues to hype up possibilities and potential everywhere else, but everything we have is junk

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Yeah, Gaunce, 2nd Round pick, and Markstrom are piece of "junk". Not saying this is enough to get a 1st round pick but what we are giving up ain't junk.

The way the OP has a / between 2nd and Markstrom, but doesn't have a / in the Winnipeg trade.

He meant or?

But even with all 3, its still very one sided. Calgary's number one pick next year is pretty much their best asset. They can get more for that pick, then trading any roster player for sure.

Maybe Bennett could fetch more.

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No team is going to trade away their first pick in next years draft without getting a very good player back. So much hype about next years draft and it could possibly be - well - just hype. But as a result there is no way any team is giving up their pick for anybody on this team unless their names were:

Hamhuis (top ten pick)

Bieksa (top twenty pick)

Miller (top twenty pick and only to a team that has no number one like we did after Luongo was traded)

Sedins (top ten pick)

Vrbata (top twenty pick)

Edler? Maybe a team would take a flyer on him

THAT IS IT!!! No combination of any other players on this team is going to cut it. If those names aren't included it simply is not going to happen.

A more appropriate name for this topic (and a lot of others in this part of the forum) should be "dealing from a position of dreaming" which is fine - and yes occasionally one sided deals are made (ahem Gillis) in this league but don't see it happening with these draft picks in the 1st round next year. Check out Phanuef/Kesler/Getzlaf/Perry/Suter/Parise/M.Richard/Carter/ and much more draft years and see what a bumper crop of folks and superstars that came in that year - if this draft is like that then the entire first round will be the next face of the NHL in five years, and the media is pumping it to be such a year.

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