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I am probably one of the few who don't really care if we make the playoffs. The reason is, this season has been such a pleasant surprise for me and I love the direction we are going in.

At the beginning of the season I was glad we got the new management and when we appointed Willie I was delighted, having been one of the people on here who said he would likely be an excellent choice. I couldn't believe our luck when he turned down the Pens.

Despite all that we had had such a nightmare of a season last year I did think we would struggle to get back to anything approaching our elite standards of the past. The loss of Kesler, I thought might further hurt us.

Some were even predicting the Sedins were "finished" Burr was a scrub, Edler was a liability and had to go, and Bieksa and Hamhuis were shadows of the players they were. It was a bit nerve daunting.

On top of all that we had a poor to average farm team in Utica and not much chance of reinforcements from that quarter.

But then JB made his moves.

Travis Green started to breath life into the Comets and Willie inserted his new players into a team that seemed to learn fast and buy into his systems and style of hockey, all the time while he was transferring his weight from one foot to another, juggling his false teeth and barking out instructions in his "fatherly manner"

We started to win, we had a goalie who could dictate game outcomes and our new boys began to fit in and to shine.

5 Months and a list of injuries of "2011 SC Final proportions" later, we are seeing Bo Horvat blossom into our likely 2C, Vey growing more and more in stature every night, Kenins confounding us all with his physical, in your face, relentless, yet skilful game, Sbisa at times carrying the defence on his shoulders, Clendening settling into his role nicely, Biega surprising us all having come out of nowhere with his grounded, physical, no nonsense game and Bonino proving why the Ducks fans didn't want to see him go. Lastly there was JB's masterstroke Vbrata, the prince of goal snatchers.

Add all that to the old familiar revitalised Sedins, Edler back on song, Eddy looking every bit the No 1 in waiting, Kassian's epiphany, Dorsett proving "the guy can play" Stanton and Weber looking like they will be hard to move. Hansen looking like a new player under Willie, Bieksa, well being Bieksa, Hamhuis slowly coming back, Tanev looking more and more the steady defencman,, Matthias unrecognisable now as a beast who run Ds ragged and has goalies cowering in the crease, Burr almost back to his 2011 best and every inch a clutch player again and Richie, a player who can do it all serving as an example to our young rookies of how to work for results.

Oh and not forgetting Higgins who while not prolific makes Willie purr with his work rate and compete level.








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Big fan of positive posts. Seems like this board is chalked full of negativity from all the "so called fans" nice to see there is still some real fans out there who aren't looking to bash the team every chance they get. I agree this season has been a pleasant surprise and The Nux are doing better than even the most optimistic fan could've predicted. Well done boys!

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I'm loving the optimism and it's a breath of fresh air on this message board instead of the usual armchair GMing and and over criticism that usually occurs here.

I think though that getting into the playoffs is critical, lets see what the boys can do this year. I'm sick of being a Canucks fan that has to watch the SC playoffs without my team vying for Lord Stanley's cup.


yeah so I reside in the US...the cup stil belongs where it belongs and what better place then Vancouver!!

Go Canucks Go!! :towel:

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Good positive post....although I still put down last year as an anomaly...mainly due to a coach trying to play a system that was not conducive to the personnel he had available....Good thing that JB recognized that ,and acted accordingly.

Give Linden credit where credit is due. He fired Torts before hiring JB.

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Great Post OP! I honestly think the best things that happened to us was getting of Torts and Gillis, and bringing in Willie, Benning, and Linden. They brought this franchise back from the embarrassment it was. We were a laughing stock. Also, getting rid of Kesler and Luongo, and bringing in players who WANT to be here. Not players playing because they're contractually obligated to, but players who play because they want to play for this city. Players who wear the stupid orca logo proudly. Even if we miss the playoffs, or exit early, I'm proud of these boys. They've been playing with heart and determination, and haven't given up.

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Great post! This team has done us all proud so far this year - perhaps, with the exception of yesterday's fiasco, but i suspect that we, the long serving fans, pretty much expected yesterday's result. I'll take character over skill any day, and we have been fortunate to have had some amazing people play for our beloved team. I think most long term fans would agree with me, Vancouver loves a hard working and honest player; a lunch pail over a brief case, if you will. IMO, this team suits the city perfectly. If you want to be a player for the Canucks you must do three things: work your tail off, put the team ahead of yourself, and commit to the community.

Hail Hail! Canucks!

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Nice post.Tho I keep hearing Benning will more than likely stand pat at the trade deadline.If the twins line is the engine of the car that is the Canucks then our second line is the transmission.For most of the season the second line with Higgins and Bonino and then on the 2nd unit powerplay has been bad.Burr and Vrbata have been good there.One or both have to be replaced,Bones or Higgy that is.I know we have seen the piece of video of JB making the trade with Anaheim insisting Bonino has to be part of it,so moving him probably is a non starter.Bones getting 1st line pp in Anaheim with Perry and Getzlaf really seemed to inflate his numbers about his skillset it seems.Just me ranting I guess but I wouldn't mind either going for a true second line center.

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