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Drew Miller takes a skate to the face [Graphic-ish]

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Am I the only one thinking my god that's a lot of grey. ..

No lol. Doesn't bode well for Ryan's hair future.

Edit: wow, Ryan is the older of the two.

There are guys who are basically bald by the time they hit 20.

Count your blessings.

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Very lucky there's no damage to his eye!

That's gonna be and awesome scar though!

I thought Sullivan got it on the chin or cheek? Anyway, I remember when Clint Malarchuk took a skate to the throat. That was honestly one of the scariest injuries in hockey I have ever witnessed...

I've never seen anyone leak blood like that. We were all in shock watching that game.

Edit:The Malarchuk. incident.

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The guy gets 60 stiches and plays the next game against the Bruins no less

Hockey players are the toughest guys of any sport and Miller could rank right up there with the toughest.

I am sure Ryan is proud of his brother

I watch soccer players being carried off the field on stretchers, and Baseball players missing games for hang nails



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