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CDC vs Vancouver's HF Board



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Personally I like CDC better because it's easier to find what i'm looking for, IE if i want to go look for opinions and how prospects are doing you go to the "Prospect Section", and if you haven't noticed by now prospects, drafting, and development are the three things that i like to talk/discusses about.

I've never spent a lot of time on the HF board and was looking for opinions about it and ultimately want to know which one is better.

CDC bais on here but Oh Well.

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HF boards is moderated with the intensity of Stalinist Russia.

Coupled with the fact that the website looks and functions like a middle schoolers web design project in the year 2004 makes it a complete non-starter for me.

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I checked out HF Boards to remind myself why I despise the rat like fans of the Flames and all their darling sympathizers from around the league. It's remarkable how many seemingly knowledgeable sports fans think the Flames will dismantle us. But then I read those users' other posts to learn their sports knowledge is as high as something not very high; or low I guess one could say.

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