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Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions


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1) Go here: http://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/?locale=en&intcmpid=bc2015-picks-300x100-na&navid=nhl:topheads#/picks

2) take a screenshot which you can paste into image (alt-printscreen). Open paint or similar, paste image, and crop just the bracket part.

3) upload to a site like tinypic.com, and select "re-size for message board"

4) make post.

Do u know how to do it on a Samsung Galaxy S3?

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VAN over CGY in 6 (has to go at least to GM 6 here on a Saturday nite so I can get tix...at $1000/ea!)

WPG over ANA in 7 (WPG D vs. ANA O...nothin' but duck feathers comin' out of the jetwash!)

MIN over STL in 6 (STL just isn't built to win in the playoffs)

CHI over NSH in 5 (NSH looked better in the 1st half of the season, easy prey for the Hawks)

NYR over PIT in 5 (has there been a worse skid into the playoffs than PIT?)

WSH over NYI in 7 (high scoring but WSH prevails...may even go to OT in GM 7)

OTT over MTL in 7 (23-4-4 to finish...OTT looks VERY scary folks)

TBL over DET in 6 (DET is done, they're on the precipice of total system failure)


VAN over WPG (I actually think this series will be pretty easy for VAN - WPG will be tired)

CHI over MIN (with Kane back...)

NYR over WSH (King Henrik will shut down OVI)

TBL over OTT (TBL has too many weapons to be stopped)


CHI over VAN (sorry guys, I REALLY want us to win!)

NYR over TBL (experience wins out)


NYR over CHI (25 goals scored over 7 games...and it will be an EPIC battle!...possibly the greatest ever!)

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Do u know how to do it on a Samsung Galaxy S3?

Try pressing volume down and power button at same time for the screenshot. You may need to download something like pixlr express or similar for image editing and cropping from the app store. The rest should be the same I think.


To be sure you did it right at the end, just preview your post in advanced mode before submitting.

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Am I the only one who thinks the new playoff format is weird?

In past, getting to the number 1 position in the conference meant that you would play the team who qualified with the least points (Calgary in this case).

Instead, Anaheim draws Winnipeg, who isn't an easy team for them to get past!

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Whoever wins the MTL-OTT matchup will go all the way, those two has ridiculously hot goaltending right now.

So I think MTL vs CGY, all year long Calgary players has been working together like the 2008 Penguins were, however STL has a better chance than CGY.

*tinfoil hat* NHL doesn't want two Canadian teams in the SCF's, but please make it happen! middle finger to Bettman and the NHL.

What the F? Blasphemy!

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Wild over Blues

Blackhawks over Predators

Ducks over Jets

Flames over Canucks

Senators over Canadiens

Lightning over Red WIngs

Rangers over Penguins

Capitals over Islanders

Blackhawks over Wild

Ducks over Flames

Lightning over Senators

Rangers over Capitals

Blackhawks over Ducks

Lightning over Rangers

Blackhawks over Lightning

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