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Mafia: Bare Bones - Game #142 (Sign-Ups Closed)


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Vote Tally

Go Faulk Yourself (5) - Intoewsables, mau5trap, SOB for MVP, Apples, Mikeyboy44
Apples (4) - Go Faulk Yourself, Zfetch, Aladeen, Dr. Strangelove
Time Lord (1) - Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale (1) - Time Lord
Aldeen (1) - Virtanen87
Dr. Strangelove (1) - Kryten

Go Faulk Yourself, you have been sentenced to hang by your peers. You may share your last words.

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Nightfall #2


Serial Killer Kill: The Serial Killer was unable to act.


Skeletal Kill: Virtanen87


Vigilante Kill: The Vigilante was unable to act.


God Kill: OurTimeToShine and Mathew Barzal face a god kill.

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1) #Nux
2) JohnLocke
3) Fox Mulder
4) Kryten
5) Virtanen87
6) Time Lord
7) Beluga Whale
8) Intoewsables
9) Zfetch
10) Go Faulk Yourself
11) Kakanucks
12) Apples
13) Aladeen
14) MikeyBoy44
15) OurTimeToShine
16) Dr.Strangelove
17) Mathew Barzal
18) SOB for MVP
19) mau5trap
20) King Heffy
Remaining Players
Fox Mulder
Time Lord
Beluga Whale
#Nux [Lynched - Townsperson]
JohnLocke [skeletal Kill - Townsperson]
King Heffy [Vigilante Kill - Townsperson]
OurTimeToShine [God Kill - Skeletal]
Mathew Barzal [God Kill - Townsperson]
Go Faulk Yourself [Lynched - Townsperson]
Virtanen87 [skeletal Kill - Townsperson]
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I want to apologize for the late nightfall, but I can't assure it won't happen again as soon as tomorrow, on account of Pacquaio vs, Mayweather. When it's a close vote, I don't feel comfortable doing it with a quick count on mobile. A run away vote is easier to deal with. Either way I will try again, but offer a pre-emptive apology for helping kill the pace of the game, which I shouldn't be doing as a host.

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Damn. I didn't get back in time to change my vote (I realize how mafia-ish of an excuse that is). It's pretty much a mafia win at this point, but the least we can do is give it a shot.

My vote goes between Kryten, Apples, and TL. Whatever we do, everyone needs to vote in unison. I will be glued to my computer tomorrow working on stuff so I'll be around to try and make that happen.

Can we all agree on Apples as the consensus vote?

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Come on guys. Mafia probavbly moved on GFY to save TL im guessing.

Vote Time Lorde for now.

Review of gfy votes should be done.

If vig is still out there go for Kryten.

SOB is probably mafia too.

Good night.

I ended up with just 1 vote. If it was a vote swing, they would have just voted for enough people to keep me safe.

Also the votes for me were pretty illogical.

Vote Apples to vote in unison like Mau5 said, but I'm going to look into this more closely tomorrow.

Agreed about SOB by the way

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Come on guys. Mafia probavbly moved on GFY to save TL im guessing.

Vote Time Lorde for now.

Review of gfy votes should be done.

To be fair, my vote for GFY was from the night before, so no saving was necessarily done on my part.

If the rest of the remaining players feel like TL is the way to go, I will change my vote accordingly. Remember that voting in unison is the key here. I really think we should vote Apples. He's less likely to talk, most likely mafia, and gives us another round to observe each other.

Sadly, it seems like we've lost the Vig and SK for bonus kills. We have to go with the surefire choices this time around.

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Got to vote apples even if by some minute chance he is not mafia him only posting to vote to save himself is the epitome of the reason why the TP have been getting stomped these last few games and he deserves to die before we lose.

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