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[The Resistance] - Game 1 - END - Feedback pls


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Good Evening, Operator.

The Empire oppressing the masses must fall. Our mission? Destroy the key bases of the Empire to shatter their strength and liberate our people. Yet despite our noble cause, spies have managed to infiltrate our ranks, ready for sabotage. We are tasked to unmask them.

In five nights, we will reshape destiny, or die trying.

We are the Resistance!


(From Source Material)

The Resistance is a social deduction game with secret identities. Players are either members of the Resistance attempting to overthrow a malignant government, or Spies trying to thwart them. The Resistance wins the game if three Missions of five are completed successfully; the Spies will win if three Missions of five fail. The Spies can also win if the Resistance is unable to organize a competent Mission Team at any point in the game (5 consecutive Reject votes on a single mission).

A fundamental rule of the game is that players may say anything that they want, at anytime during the game. Discussion, deception, intuition, social interaction and logical deductions are all equally important to winning.

Please note that all posts in the game are not to be edited. Any and all information in edited posts will be considered null during gameplay.

Player Breakdown


Game Spreadsheet


The game consists of several phases within several Rounds, or Missions. Each Round is comprised of a Team Building Phase and a Mission Phase.


Leader Selection

The first Mission Leader (Mission 1) is selected at random. In normal play, subsequent Mission Leaders proceed down the player list, with the list wrapping around.

Team Building Phase

The team building phases consists of the

Mission Leader picking the players that he would like to send out on the Active Mission Team Assignment along with him or herself. This is then followed by a public vote to approve or reject the proposed Team for the Round's mission.

Mission Team Assignment

Using the following table, the current Mission Leader will select the appropriate number of operatives out for the mission:


An asterisk (*) indicates that two Failure Votes in the Mission Vote phase is required to fail the mission, when normally only one is required.

The Proposal

After appropriate discussion, the Mission Leader will submit a public proposal in-thread as such:

Proposal Mission 1.1 - Burrows, Vrbata

At that time, there is 24 hours (plus whatever extra I give, before I sign in on the next day) to submit your vote to Approve or Reject the proposed Mission Team. Any non-votes at the time of 24 hours will be counted as Approve. The Mission Team will be approved if the majority of votes (50%+1) are affirmative and fails if a majority rejected the assignments. Any tied votes will also count towards a rejection. If the Mission Team is approved, play continues into the Mission Phase. If the Mission Team is rejected, the Mission Leader will be passed onto the next player and the Team Building Phase is repeated.

The Official vote format will be:

Proposal Mission 1.1 - YourForumName - Approve

Such that it reads:

Proposal Mission 1.1 - Krazz - Approve

The 1.1 will act as a counter. Whenever a new mission happens, the first number will increase in count. Whenever a Mission Team is rejected, an increase in count will be added to the second number. In this way, nobody can claim that they did not know that it was the 5th vote, because if they didn't put the mission counter in, their vote is invalid.

Note: To avoid clutter in the thread, please submit Team Proposal votes via PM to me, with the above as your subject headline.

Note: Once votes are submitted, they may not be changed. Think carefully!

Note: Mission Team votes are conducted as an open ballot. Once the votes have been submitted, the Approve/Reject vote will be displayed on both the spreadsheet and in-thread.

Note: Players that miss two votes in a row will be Godkilled (Please don't force me to eliminate you in a game where there is no eliminations).

Note: A good rule of thumb is to vote Approve on the fifth proposal of any Mission, and sending whichever team that the Leader proposes, since after five rejected Mission Proposals in a row, the Imperial Spies automatically win the game.

Call to Arms

The moderator will announce that the mission is a Go, and that the Mission Team Members must PM their votes.

Mission Phase - Conducting the Mission

Each player selected onto the Mission Team for the selected mission must secretly send in a PM to the game moderator to either support or sabotage the mission. The Mission is only successful if all the votes casted are Support votes. The Mission fails if one (or more) Sabotage votes are casted.

Please cast your vote similarly to the Proposal vote, such that it reads:

Mission 3 - Krazz - Sabotage

Note: The Resistance Operatives must select the Support vote. There is no other choice. Spies may select either the Support or Sabotage votes.

Note: These votes will be PMed to me from the Mission Team Members. These votes are NOT open ballot and will not be revealed, only the outcome.

Note: For flavour, you can write down what you want to be doing in the mission and I can try to incorporate it into the flavour text during The Reveal.

Note: The 4th and 5th Mission in games of 7 or more players will require at least two Sabotage votes to be a failed mission. I may need to balance out the figures as games are played.

Note: After the Mission has been completed (whether Success or Fail), the Team Builing Phase of the next Round/Mission begins.

Note: There is a strict NO PM POLICY AMONG THE IMPERIAL OPERATIVES except when submitting Mission Votes or playing Plot Cards. At this time, Spies are allowed to PM amongst themselves, but that may change in the future.

Game End

The game ends immediately after three successful or three failed Missions. The game also ends if the Resistance is unable to organize a competent Mission Team at any point in the game (5 consecutive Reject votes on a single mission).

Other Information

Plot Cards

(Not applicable this game)

Plot Cards provide additional opportunity for Characters to be identified or concealed. The Plot Cards are not secret and will be revealed during their play.

Distribution of Plot Cards

At the beginning of each Mission, the Mission Leader will be randomly distributed a number of Plot Cards fitting for the number of players (1 card for 5-6 players, 2 for 7-8 players, and 3 for 9-10 players). The Plot Cards will then be distributed by the Mission Leader to the other players. Please note that there are only 5 rounds in the game (3 cards for 9-10 players X 5 rounds = 15 Plot Cards per game).

Playing the Plot Cards

There are three types of Plot Cards: Immediate Use, One-Time Use, or Permanent Effects. If a situation arises in which multiple Plot Cards could be used, precedence and order is determined by going down the player list beginning with the current round's Mission Leader. Each player gets one chance to play any applicable cards, a player may not Pass, and then subsequently elect to play cards later in the same Round.

Information gained by the use of a Plot Card can be discussed, but a Player's Role or Mission Vote must never be made public.

Plot Cards

To Be Updated


Information in

The Resistance comes at multiple levels. First, are players' voting patterns. Second are Mission results, and third are cues that you discern from player interactions. Resistance Operatives must use all the information at hand to root out the Spy infestation.

It won't be easy to overthrow a powerful government. You can expect that the Spies will win a significant number of the games played.

Game Variants

(Not applicable this game)

The Resistance is a game highly dependent upon the group playing it. Two popular variants are:

Targeting - The Mission Leader proposes both the Mission to tackle as well as the Team to take with him. Each Mission can only be attempted once and the 5th Mission can only be attempted after two successful Missions.

Blind Spies - Spies do not know who each other are.

Differences (via Wiki)

The Resistance was designed to have several distinctions from similar games like Mafia or Werewolf. In Mafia, a player is eliminated during every round. Being eliminated from the game early prevents one from playing most of the game. In The Resistance, on the other hand, players are never eliminated, and gets to play in every round.

In Mafia, the players never have any information about the mafiosi given away by the game (until they are successfully lynched). The players never know which way any of the mafiosi voted. In The Resistance, a failed mission gives definite infomation that at least one of the operatives sent on the mission is a Spy. However, in games like Mafia, there is a Narrator, a person with an omniscient point of view which allows more of the storytelling that The Resistance lacks.

Player List:

1 - Virtanen87

2 - JohnLocke

3 - Pineapples

4 - Aladeen

5 - Dral

6 - MikeyBoy44

7 - otherwise

8 - Dr.Strangelove

9 - g_bassi13

10 - Beluga Whale

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Marking my return with a new, glorious game!

The game will be set once I get 10 players - no more.

Please go through the rules and make sure that you understand them. Please ask if there is something that you don't understand!

Lol.. I love how you just pop up like a fart in the wind then dissappear just as fast..

Good to see you again Krazz.

Whatever do you mean? :)
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The game has started. Roles have been handed out - those who did not receive anything from me are the lowly resistance scu- I mean, the Resistance.

MikeyBoy is the current Mission Leader for Mission 1.

Please submit a proposal for the (3) team members (including yourself) to tackle this mission.

i.e. Proposal Mission 1.1 - MikeyBoy, Henrik Sedin, Burrows

Good hunting.

Game Spreadsheet

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