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[Trade] Phil Kessel to Penguins

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Pens win this trade by a mile. No idea why people are discrediting kessel so much. He can score as good as anyone in the nhl.

Canucks fans People on CDC just bitter because Jim didn't trade for him


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Anytime you have the best player in the world on your team + another top 10 center in Malkin you would never rebuild, the Pens do need a shakeup and getting Kessel is a good move imo. the pens top 6 looks very good now. I do think that either Fleury or Letang has to go though.

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1 minute ago, TheRussianRocket. said:





TO, take the L. After all the pressure and scrutiny that market put on him, he's still gracious enough to come back and do this gesture.

That wont offend anyone in the city. Toronto adding another L is like adding another drop of water into the pool. 

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