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Tanev and Edler have been on the ice for ZERO goals against so far

Sixteen W's

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One of the top d pairings in the entire league last year by any metric. Add some more support from their forwards and other pairings, and I'm not to taken aback.

But even I'm surprised at how Edler is playing like a man possessed. He broke up a 3 on 2 tonight by out-muscling 2 Kings on the boards with one arm each and came away with the puck. He also threw some big hits, jumped up plays and stood up guys at the blue line all game.

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Tanev has made it easier for Edler to be a better player by being in charge of making good plays with the puck, using his positioning and stick to break up plays, and covering Edler when he is out of position.

Edler has made it easier for Tanev to be a better player by being physically strong enough to prevent players from getting the puck, winning puck battles, and making smart pinches.

The two complement each other very well as a defensive pairing. They make each other better players. The longer they play together, the better it gets it seems as well. It's pairings like these that win games. A big deal is made about Norris cup winners being necessary to win playoff games, but what does every Norris winner have? A solid player who they have great chemistry with. Chemistry is the most important part of team building. It's why the Sedins have been so effective for so long. Many really good players slump or decline after changing linemates. Sometimes, players are at their best with certain players.

I hope they keep up the chemistry; their play for the past season and a bit (only 4 games) has been all we could have asked for. Now if only we could get the same from the bottom 4!

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It's actually pretty solid

But tell them to get us excited and report back when Edler stops doing that drop pass

THAT would be news

He'll replace it with more slappers and wrist shots into the other times shins.

Edler's the man, but watching him try and get shots through is hilarious on occasion.

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What about Hansen? He's even better at +6 on the season. Tied for 1st in the league if I'm not mistaken.

Remember according to CDC he's easily expendable and we should trade him as he doesn't bring much to the team that we can't just easily replace with someone else.

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Can't say I would expect 0 goals against them by now yet... But I was confident they are one of the best pairs in the division. Hopefully they prove to be THE best.


love em both.

Your comments seem so reasonable and unbiased. It's weirding me out, but in a good sort of way.

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