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Dan Boyle to Larry Brooks: "I want you to get the fk out!"

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8 minutes ago, Roger Neilson's Towel said:


A tribute to the special relationship between Torts and Larry Brooks. Lol

Not to defend Brooksie because I frankly don't know if he is an A hole or what but Boyle was coached by torts for quite a while. 

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These goofy hacks like Brooks, Pratt, Botch, Gallagher, etc. who have never had an athletic moment in their lives trying to be legit when covering sports crack me up.


Kudos to Boyle, Torts, and every single athlete/sports figure who have told these "clowns" (to quote Dan Boyle) to phuk off.  I don't know Dan Boyle personally, but know of him and of people who know him from the Ottawa Valley and Boyle is reputed to be nothing but a top class citizen, so without really knowing what triggered all this, I'm going to speculate that Boyle had good reason to tee off on Brooks, the baggy-eyed troll.

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