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We need a sniper

Pete M

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On July 1, 2016 at 6:23 PM, Aleksander Barkov said:

Yakupov would score 40 goals with the Sedins.

They did make Anson Carter look pretty good. But it turns out the Sedins can make anyone look good. So when he gets moved to another line he will become a free floating 8 goal per year sort of player again?

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On ‎01‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 6:09 PM, Alflives said:

How about Virtanen doubles his goal totals?  Then next season we get Brock Bossey!:)

Everyone is so hung up on Brock Besser really he has not even played at the NHL level and he

is the second coming of CROSBY... He is nothing until he proves himself if he was.... he would be

here and on the team right now... Believe me I hope he makes it and turns out as good

as everyone saying he is ...

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10 hours ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

You want a sniper? This guy...


....will be the sniper you've been looking for in the near future. 

will see or he can be a bust ...maybe if everyone just lowered there expectations no one would get hurt if he doesn't pan out...

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13 hours ago, dura_mater said:

It was the asking price for Yakupov.  Yakupov is a bust/project.  Baertschi and Vey weren't or were less so.  Vey hadn't played much/at all at the NHL level.  Baertschi hadn't been given a chance.  Yakupov has been given all the chances in the world.  Plus this draft was "deep" so GMs were probably less likely to give up a second. 

Chiarelli actually had the balls to ask for Sanheim from Philly for Yakupov.  I can imagine the Philly GM probably laughed.

Who would you pick if you had the choice between Vey, Baertschi or Yakupov?


Has Yakupov lived up to his first overall billing? No, but that hardly makes him a bust. He's been played as a third liner in Edmonton and he's been putting 30 points or more a year. I see him as a very good 2nd liner if given the chance. I don't think he's been given every chance to succeed in Edmonton and if he wasn't going to be a top 6 player for them, then they shouldn't have rushed him into the NHL. Vey and Baertschi are far more the definition of a project than Yakupov. My feeling is Edmonton is asking for more as shown in your example of Sanheim. Teams would've jumped at the deal if it was only for a 2nd. Although now that Edmonton has set the precedent with the Hall for Larsson deal, they won't be getting many good offers now for Yakupov.

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6 hours ago, enterin said:

will see or he can be a bust ...maybe if everyone just lowered there expectations no one would get hurt if he doesn't pan out...

He's got high expectations because he has an amazing shot and a quick release. One thing he's good at is getting good shots off in typical situations where they're tough to release from. One of the toughest things to do as a kid coming into the NHL is to get yourself into positions to get scoring chances. His high level shot will grant him a lot more scoring opportunities necessary than the average prospect because he doesn't need to get open and settle into a shot. 


That's what makes me excited. Is he doesn't need elite players around him to set him up, he can just get himself a little bit of room and accurately target the net. However, we will see how effective he is at getting his shot off. I believe if he can learn that quickly, then he will become a 30 goal scorer for us eventually. Kids got a hell of a shot and good hands. 

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On 7/1/2016 at 6:22 PM, Pete M said:

A couple of the right kind of players and the Canucks are contenders; right now, there are a lot of passengers and players that do not produce...they try hard, but they do not produce goals... 

Maybe making the "D" tougher to play against will help keep pucks out of our net and more pucks in the other teams net.

Interesting how things change when the dynamic of the "D" changes...I hope this is the case.


As of now, and as history shows, Virtanen is unproven and inconsistent; Baert is inconsistent, and a perimeter player, Sutter is a 20 goal man (that's it), Hansen is a work horse and not a finisher, Horvat tries hard but has been stoned more often than not, Dorsett tries hards but doesn't produce, Granlund is a perimeter player and hasn't produced, Burrows is past his prime and is done, Grenier,, and other Utica player are unproven...shut down the top line...who is going to score if nothing changes.


We need a bonifide sniper to get us goals.

I hope the tipping point is keeping the third period leads we often had last season.  How many games were lost or went OT/shootout because they let one in late?  I think there's 10-15 points in the standings right there.

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Boeser and Virtanen (although Jake being very much a powerforward) are snipers. Rodin and Baertschi can put the puck in the net and if they reach their potential can be 25-goal scorers.


We don't have much now in terms of snipers but if you give it time our prospects should get there.

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On 7/1/2016 at 10:57 PM, Johnny Torts said:

Go watch Rodin. Oh yeah there's that Boeser guy too. 

I watched a high-light reel of Anton Rodin, he is 25 years old-so he has some maturity, and likes to put the puck in the net! There have been injuries and some performance issues in earlier years, but that is in the past.

Hope to see him play for the Canucks next season.

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On July 1, 2016 at 5:32 PM, khay said:

We can't get everything in one season. We need to address these issues over time. And I think JB is doing his best to insert promising players in every way possible to address some of the issues. 


1. UFA: With Eriksson, our first line has became solid for the next few season and addresses the problem of finding a linemate that can play with the Sedins.


Burr and Miller's salary are coming off next season (10 mil). I don't know if there are good UFAs available next season but even if we take into consideration raises to be given to Markstrom and Horvat (let's say each get about 2-3 mil raise), we might have some space left to sign a good player if one is available in the UFA market.


2. Draft:  Boeser, Juolevi, Demko, Tryamkin. 


- Boeser looks like he can be a top line player. Once he joins our team in two seasons, he will most likely start on the third line, allowing us to spread scoring.


- Juolevi will address the lack of PMD issue that we've had since Salo and Ehrhoff left. It will take about 2-3 season before Juolevi joins our line up but there is a plan to address this problem.


- Demko should be able to take over the back up role in two seasons.


- Tryamkin addresses this big issue of crease clearing defenceman.


3. Reclamation projects (trading for or our own): Baertschi, Rodin, Larsen, Etem


- Baertschi turned out well already and looks to improve on his 15 goals.


- Rodin is a SEL MVP. Worth a good look and offers some promise to be able to address that 2nd line sniper issue that you mentioned.


- Larsen is a PMD. If it works out, he gives us a RHD on the PP to play with the twins. At the very least, he can be a temporary fill in until Juolevi is ready. Come on, he can't be worse than Weber, can he?


- Etem provides skill, size, and speed on the wing. Not your prototypical sniper but he can be effective playing on the third line and chipping in offensively.


4. Trades: Gudbranson. Good on JB for drafting McCann. He was a centerpiece of this deal that helped us address the immediate issue. Gudbranson can eat up 20-25 minutes a game.


So you see, there is a plan to address these issues. Be patient my friend.


This I totally agree with....and I'd say don't sign anymore FA's, leave that cap space open, plus as said we will have 10 mil coming off the books next year..why? Because as you said, the potential is there for one or more of Etem and Baertchi to score more goals, plus Rodin should help, this year were not going to win the cup, let's see what our current forward group has in em..and with that massive amount of cap available next season, who knows, if a big FA comes available like Benn, we have a good shot at him..I wouldn't be happy if they traded Tanev, but Edler, for a good top 6 hopefully younger forward with a similar cap hit would be just awesome IMO..

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Sven yo!  Let's see this Rodin play.


Who knows....But what 'IF'... Loui and the twins aren't clicking right off the hop?


Say Rodin gets off to a hot start like McCann in 2015 (5 goals rather quickly).


I'm going to suggest we trade for NYRs Chris Kreider. (Sbisa, Dorsett,  1 high pick and 1 mid pick)


Danny Hank Rodin

Kreider Sutter Eriksson

Baertschi Bo Hansen

Burrows Granlund Virtanen.



Who Knows?  Doubt anyone thought Pitts was winning the Cup in January of this year.


Point is, I think Sven and Virtanen and Bo take another step.  Hopefully Sutter stays healthy and let's just see what Rodin and Larsen can do.


Trader Jim knows better than you and I.  Heck, Benning is awesome.  Let's believe, eh!


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2 hours ago, Salmonberries said:

Rodin might score some goals for us next year, we'll see. I think we could still use a #6/7 defenseman and a depth winger with some size and physicality.

I see Rodin filling a role similar to what Tambellini did. A fill in guy that can wire the puck.


Put him with a couple good two way guys and see what he can do.

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