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WHEN: 7:00PM




                                                    Player Headshot           Player Headshot        Player Headshot


                                                   Player Headshot            Player Headshot       Player Headshot 


                                                  Player Headshot           Player Headshot           Player Headshot


                                                  Player Headshot            Player Headshot         Player Headshot


                                                                                                                     Defensive Pairings


                                                                           Player Headshot                  Player Headshot



                                                                             Player Headshot                    Player Headshot


                                                                              Player Headshot                    Player Headshot           




Player Headshot


Player Headshot




Maroon - McDavid - Draisaitl

Lucic - Nudgent-Hopkins - Eberle

Pouliot - Desharnais - Kassian

Caggiula - Letestu - Slepyshev


Klefbom - Larsson

Sekera - Russel

Nurse - Benning























Long ago, in the land of Boston, the dark lord Bettman used his power to control the NHL. He created a ring full of power and the only way to win the Stanley Cup was to destroy this ring! Bettman had ruled the NHL for may years, but there were some who resisted. A team full of Canucks battled Bettman in Boston for the ring, but he was to powerful. Many Canucks were lost in the battle. The ring was lost in the battle, but it later found by a Hobbit who lived in the shire, David Bowie!





Current Day: Gandalf (aka Jim Benning) was strolling in the Shire when he saw Bo-Bo Baggins, nephew of his Hobbit friend David Bowie. Benning tells young Bo-Bo that he is going to assemble a master team to destroy the ring his Uncle owns and win the Stanley Cup!





When Gandalf and Bo-Bo Baggins talk about the perilous journey Bo-Bo Baggins would have to take, they find an unexpected guest eavesdropping, it was Sven Bearcheese. Gandalf orders young Sven to join Bo-Bo Baggins on the long journey. The eavesdropper is excited!




They travel through the forests, for there long journey to destroy the ring and win the Stanley Cup, when a Black Rider comes on there trail. They hide, he's is looking for Bo-Bo Baggins, as he is eager to win the Stanley Cup as well! He calls for the rings, and then disappears into the night. They meet two friends Granny from the Calgarian lands and his pal Stecher on the way!





They come across an Elvish kingdom where a fellowship of the ring is created, there Hernik, Daniel, Eriksson (The Lazy one) and The dragon Slayer promise to protect the new Canuck team on there journey of winning the cup! Gandalf is proud!





However, orcs come across the path of the fellowship and The Dragon Slayer takes his "Last Stand" as a CANUCK! He attacks the, Shark, Bruin, Predator, King, and Blackhawk to the end to protect the team he loves! It's his final sacrifice he has made for this team, the Dragon Slayer is now gone...... He will never be forgotten and one day we will see him again in another place (The Ring of Honour).



Bo-Bo Baggins and Sven escape, the fellowship is broken, but the chance of winning the Stanley Cup is not.




*I'm thinking of making this into a series...

Part 2: Bo-Bo and Sven come across a creature named Gollum!


I will update this with tweets on the game tomorrow morning!



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1 minute ago, Qwags said:

Who would Tryamkin be in this case? An Ent?

I'd say that's accurate. He and his name both resemble a tree. Plus the Ents were always slandered for being too passive and not beating the $&!# out of people every chance they got to help their side win. Sound familiar?

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The GDT's have come a long way this season - well done!

I know a lot of people would like to see Nikita  play a more physical game - something  makes me think although he is quite capable of this, he would prefer to play a skilled game.  Don't think he likes taking penalties much.  I also don't think he enjoyed  the scrimmage with Benn in the Dallas game. 

Edmonton - expect them to walk all over us

Play one kids - play on.

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