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[PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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4 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

We finally admitted we were rebuilding then we turn around and sign Burm, Gagner and Vanek


meanwhile Goldy helps .... Utica and Jake eats popcorn 

How sad a reality is this.

Gagner has always been a perimeter player and JB signed him for 3 years. Vanek is as washed up as the Sedins.


Thought Burm was one of the better players tonight.


Just seemed like that any momentum that was built, the Sedin line seemed to kill it with their lack of production.

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13 minutes ago, Davathor said:

This was Erikssons best game in a Canucks jersey

Make all the snide comments you like, but the score would have been a lot different had he been 60 minutes healthy.  Tell me, in 3 games and one shift,  has Louie been on the ice for a goal against?

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4 minutes ago, redhdlois said:

I hope he's referring to him and his bro when he says "Our" puck movement is too slow......"Our" PP wasn't good....

That's been their narrative like, forever. Never said "I" or "my"... always speak in plural, never individual.

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Blessing in disguise.


Started strong in Oct 2014(new coach scenario), so they celebrated with new 4 yr deals for the twins.


We've gotta put this dog down. Season start like this, & it's crystal clear from ownership right down to the casual fan. Go young. Clear out the old cap hit..forget about the old era. Sell.

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Pouliot looks good offensively, but the guy does not seem capable of making an accurate outlet pass.  

Pass the puck to Bo as he flies up the left wing on the power play worked in game 1, not so much anymore. 

Did bo get bumped to the fourth line? I saw burmistrov end the game with baertschi and boeser in like the whole third period, didn't see much of bo for 5 on 5.

MDZ is playing really well, two unfortunate bounces last two games. Loved the gudbranson push back in the first, but they needed more of that in the third. 

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