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Kerry Fraser diagnosed with cancer

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Longtime NHL referee Kerry Fraser revealed Friday that he has a rare, incurable form of cancer.


Fraser, who retired from officiating in 2010, has been diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia, a chronic blood disorder in the leukemia family.


The 65-year-old said his doctor told him that while it is an incurable cancer, those afflicted can live normal lives for many years, and that he will monitor the disease to make sure it does not progress.


Fraser believes he's fortunate to catch the condition early.


"I consider myself blessed that this rare disease was diagnosed before I had a stroke or heart attack," Fraser wrote. "At 65, I was planning on living a healthy, full life for many more years. Now that I know I have this disease I can take extra precautions to keep my blood thinner and hopefully prevent a blood clot from hitting my heart or brain."


Fraser spent 37 years as an NHL official beginning in 1973, and worked several international competitions as well, including the 1996 World Cup of Hockey and the 1998 Winter Olympics.


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Sad news, but it sounds like it won't take him for a while yet, which is good. His attitude also seems great about it, which is encouraging.


There's not too many referees who have a name that tons of fans know, but Fraser is one of them.


I also just read his blog a bit and was reminded of how honest Fraser was with the state of reffing in the NHL. It's honestly a great read if anyone is interested in the referees' perspective of things: http://www.kerryfraser.com/blog-1

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12 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:

I actually hated him. Thought he hated the Canucks.  lol

Not one game against the Red Wings...a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away....


He gave us TWO penalty shots in a single game (might've been in the same period!).  Hlinka scored one of the goals on those penalty shots.

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Just found out a few months ago that my aunt has breast cancer. They caught it early so her prognosis is good. It's always sad to hear someone you love and care about has this horrific disease. I'm saddened as well to here that a great ref in the game of hockey in Mr. Fraser unfortunately has this disease and will have to fight it with all he has in him.  Godspeed for Kerry Fraser! 

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