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[Mafia] - Nineteen Eighty-Four (Game Over; Mafia Win)

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12 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Last words: Do not trust MR, and especially do not trust 112. If you are going to rally around anybody, follow AV and Aladeen unless specials step in.


Also, the late J23 wagon is sketch. Look at all those who shaded him. The mafia might line him up this round.


@Master Radishes see you in the DPS you wanker. 

Why you gotta diss me like this

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FINAL Day 1 Vote Count


Blue Jay (4):  Master Radishes112, Aladeen, ilduce

Otherwise (2): Zfetch, J23

Master Radishes (2): Virtanen87, Salacious Crumb

J23 (1): otherwise

Zfetch (1): Time Lord

Alain Vignealt (1): Where's Wellwood

No vote (2):  Alain Vigneault,  Blue Jay


1.  There's no way that a TP Master Radishes, a TP 112, and a TP Aladeen would ALL be okay with a Blue Jay 22 lynch.  One (or two) of you aren't town-aligned.  And if all three are thoughtcriminals, well, that's awfully bold of you to push the same wagon.


Whatever specials the town have ought to target a few on that wagon, whether that be in the form of an investigation, vig kill, role-block, etc.


2.  Duce's switch to Blue Jay is very scummy.  He'll probably say something about breaking the tie/not wanting a tie but he could have just moved his vote onto a player not in contention, ya know, like a 112.  Remember his post about her and MR and how he'd be shocked if they were TP.  That, to me, means he thought one of them to be scum and should have voted for them if he truly believed that.


As we all know, a tied lynch in this game means a random player in the tie gets lynched.  I believe it would be in the best interests of the mafia to avoid a tie for two reasons:


i.  If it's between two TP players, the comparatively-stronger player would be the one that they would prefer to be lynched.  Blue Jay, when town-aligned, poses a threat to the mafia and, logically, it makes sense to want him gone against whoever else was in contention.  A few games ago, we opted to mafia-kill him for this reason.

ii.  If it's between a TP and a Mafia, you absolutely want the TP gone.  I don't need to expand on this.


Duce's switch is very, very bold if he and MR are mafia/mafia because I brought up that possibility twice in this thread.  In theory, it's a bit of risk for both of them as mafia to go through with that because now they've only increased my suspicion of them and I'm capable, if not, at least strongly motivated, of being vocal enough to do my best to lead a lynch on one of them.


Now, two scenarios exist.


A.  If MR and Duce are scum/scum, it's possible that MR and Duce are okay with how that lynch looks because MR is aware and bold enough to argue against any suspicion I, or any player, might have of him.  He's done this against me before when I've correctly called him out as mafia and I believe he's still really capable in his game of putting together posts to prove his 'innocence' quite adequately as he's done in the past.


B.  A more likely scenario I just thought of would be one where Aladeen/Duce are scum/scum.  Aladeen quoted me a few days ago saying that he felt MR was scummy in his call-out of me. I have an idea where, in an effort to fuel that suspicion, he and Duce decided to join that wagon in hopes that I would be point the finger of suspicion toward MR because I had made it known and because Aladeen would have that fall-back post of also calling MR scummy.  That would also explain Aladeen's "frantic" panicking before BJ's lynch.

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9 minutes ago, Zfetch said:

I suspect 112 more than I accept MR


But it's close. One of them is mafia. Either a slick, deceitful and calculated game by MR or an obvious game by 112.

I've already stated my agreement that the BJ wagon had a scum on it somewhere. But why not Aladeen or ilduce? Ilduce's was the most wagony vote of them all, in fact.

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