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[GDT] Blues @ Canucks Nov 5 2019 7pm SNP

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3 hours ago, Disgruntler said:

I think we should make the Canucks effing badass and get NoMeansNo to play their home intros.

I'd prefer their side show *Hanson Brothers*






Note the Victoria Cougars jersey.

NoMeansNo are Vic Royalty


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18 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

Yeah, god forbid we play our franchise scoring leading defenceman on the PP... 

Yeah, love Eagle.


But I'm afraid he's not a #1PP dman anymore.

I know you've been watching.


I bet Eddy is like 3/35 on the PP this year. Just guessing. But I'm probably close 

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8 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

I trust Edler over anyone but Hughes on PP #1. He is still a good PP defenseman but Hughes is a better fit on the #1 unit. No more Sedins and Eddie worked well with them, is alright with Petey and Boes.


Just roll with it. Dudes tied for 1st in D scoring with Hughes in points with 5 less PP points. Edler has 44 points in his last 70 games. Consistent scorer at the back end.


Sorry have to disagree with all the fire power up front we have now any d man would pick up points Edler is a disaster on pp1 has been for years just gets the most minutes so is bound to put up points

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1 minute ago, Junkyard Dog said:

That discounts how good Edler has been. You can use the same logic for Hughes who has 8 PP points on a loaded PP#1 up front. That argument is a wash.


Nobody else but Hughes is better. Anybody else would be worse.


It all won't matter though when Hughes is back. He'll be back there. A pure PMD is the perfect fit there since Petey is the only real nifty playmaker. Edler worked better with the Sedins because they were two solid playmakers and Edler isn't bad at shooting or passing, i'll say above average, but that worked well with the Sedins since they had chemistry.


That said Edler is the only other option. Myers is only a shot option and the guy at the point needs to pass and shoot, Eddie can do both. Tanev and Benn are defensive D and Stecher isn't better than Edler offensively and doesn't have as threatening of a shot.


That's just the bottom line. If I was wrong then he probably wouldn't be there. Edler was there all last year, knows the system and players there, so it just makes sense for him to fill in for Hughes.



I would take the shot from Myers over Eddy on the pp he put up 40 points on pp2 in Winnipeg I believe and only if Hughes is out

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Just now, Cup2022 said:

I would take the shot from Myers over Eddy on the pp he put up 40 points on pp2 in Winnipeg I believe and only if Hughes is out

Not a great puck mover on the PP though, only a shot option. You saw how important moving the puck is for the #1 PP to be good with Hughes. Edler is the next best at that besides Hughes on D. Pettersson is the only good playmaker we have on it. Need someone who's above average at it at least. Edler is the guy they see.


Myers works for a PP like #2 more so than #1 because we don't have as much talent on #2 and should focus on pucks on net and dirty goals. Need someone that can pass on #1 and if they can shoot on top even better which only Hughes does well and Edler comes second to him.



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