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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

Patrick Kane

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Been a major re-tool in Dallas adding Tolvanen, Poulin and Lapierre through trade while adding Wahlstrom and Atkinson through FA.  Dallas is looking to compete again this year after a major down year:


Wahlstrom - Hischier - McGill

Tolvanen - Horton - Puljujarvi

Kotkaniemi  - Ristimaki - Lapierre

Farkas - Poulin – Atkinson


Byram – Jones

Regula - Eggert  

Pesonen  - Perunovich  




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New York Rangers 2030-31


Jonathan Drouin - Matt Choupani [A] - Pavel Buchnevich

Vyacheslav Gerasimenko - Dylan Magee [C] - Max Comtois

Caleb Francis - Bo Horvat - Taylor Wotherspoon

Joshua Lawrence - Jared McCann - Liam Pomponio


Vince Dunn - Erik Brannstrom [A]

Rob Hagel - Michal Krmas

Max Petersen - Brett Pesce


Igor Shestyorkin

Daniel Vladar

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Winnipeg Jets Regular Season Awards

After last season, where Novak got all the awards for my team, aside from top rookie, because everyone played like aids, things went back to "normal."


2029-30 MVP - Patch Novak

2028-29 MVP - Patch Novak 

2027-28 MVP - Patch Novak 

2026-27 MVP - Patch Novak

2025-26 MVP - Patrik Laine

2024-25 MVP - Patrik Laine

2023-24 MVP - Patrik Laine

2022-23 MVP - Patrik Laine

2021-22 MVP - Patrik Laine
2020-21 MVP - Kyle Connor
2019-20 MVP - Patrik Laine

2018-19 MVP - Patrik Laine

2017-18 MVP - Blake Wheeler

2016-17 MVP - Patrik Laine


2029-30 Leading Scorer - Patch Novak 

2028-29 Leading Scorer - Patch Novak 

2027-28 Leading Scorer - Patch Novak 

2026-27 Leading Scorer - Patch Novak

2025-26 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine 

2024-25 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine

2023-24 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine

2022-23 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine

2021-22 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine
2020-21 Leading Scorer - Kyle Connor
2019-20 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine

2018-19 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine

2017-18 Leading Scorer - Blake Wheeler

2016-17 Leading Scorer - Patrik Laine


2029-30 Best Defenseman- Alexandr Sobolev 

2028-29 Best Defenseman - Patch Novak 

2027-28 Best Defenseman - Sergey Shpedt

2026-27 Best Defenseman - Alexandr Sobolev

2025-26 Best Defenseman - Alexandr Sobolev

2024-25 Best Defenseman - Drew Doughty 

2023-24 Best Defenseman - Jacob Trouba 

2022-23 Best Defenseman - Kris Letang

2021-22 Best Defenseman - Jacob Trouba
2020-21 Best Defenseman - Jacob Trouba
2019-20 Best Defenseman - Jacob Trouba

2018-19 Best Defenseman - Jacob Trouba

2017-18 Best Defenseman - Dustin Byfuglien

2016-17 Best Defenseman - Dustin Byfuglien


2029-30 Best Goaltender - Doneil Lammie

2028-29 Best Goaltender - Patch Novak

2027-28 Best Goaltender - Hellebuyck again

2026-27 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck 

2025-26 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck 

2024-25 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck 

2023-24 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck 

2022-23 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck 

2021-22 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck
2020-21 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck
2019-20 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck 

2018-19 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck

2017-18 Best Goaltender - Connor Hellebuyck

2016-17 Best Goaltender - Ondrej Pavelec


2029-30 Top Rookie - Sawyer Halliday

2028-29 Top Rookie - Petr Kutty

2027-28 Top Rookie - Martin Caha

2026-27 Top Rookie - Jean-Francois Paradis 

2025-26 Top Rookie - Elac McNeal 

2024-25 Top Rookie - Alexey Fatullaev 

2023-23 Top Rookie - Patch Novak/Alexandr Sobolev 

2022-23 Top Rookie - Joakim Eklund

2021-22 Top Rookie - Nikita A. Popugayev 
2020-21 Top Rookie - Evan Bouchard
2019-20 Top Rookie - Julien Gauthier

2018-19 Top Rookie - n/a

2017-18 Top Rookie - n/a

2016-17 Top Rookie - Patrik Laine


2029-30 Unsung Hero - Petr Kutty

2028-29 Unsung Hero - Patch Novak

2027-28 Unsung Hero - Kellan Calisti 

2026-17 Unsung Hero - Kellan Calisti

2025-26 Unsung Hero - Joakim Eklund

2024-25 Unsung Hero - Alexandr Sobolev 

2023-24 Unsung Hero - Cody Eakin

2022-23 Unsung Hero - Evan Bouchard

2021-22 Unsung Hero - Nick Schilkey
2020-21 Unsung Hero - Jared “HIIMB” McCann
2019-20 Unsung Hero - Nick Schilkey

2018-19 Unsung Hero - Daniel Sedin

2017-18 Unsung Hero - Joel Armia

2016-17 Unsung Hero - Jacob Trouba

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Ottawa calls up Brenden Caranci...


Trade stuff: Ottawa also will swap any winger / perhaps dman on roster or organization for a C plz thx (hockey deal)


Was gonna offer for Bo and Zib when I got home yesterday and whoever the brandon sutter comp was that was young, but was running late and missed it... probably for the best tho, don't want Elite/Franchise talent like Bo and Zib going to waste on a rebuilding team like mine ;)



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The following players have been killed off :)



J. Patricia (CGY)

D. Ryan (CGY)

N. Hague (WPG)

D. Kubalik (WPG)

J. Bean (LAK)

M. Dix (LAK)

K. Labanc (LAK)

S. Couturier (SJS)

J. Castonguay (MTL)

I. Barbashev (MTL)

J. Brodin (CLB)

J. Faulk (CLB)

T. Tremblay (COL)

I. Aguanno (COL)

C. Morrison (COL)

C. McInnis (COL)

B. Adair (COL)

C. Carpendale (DAL)

Q. Kishel (DAL)

T. Morris (PIT)

T. Marino (PIT)

A. Lehkonen (WSH)

A. Eriksson (CHI)

D. Rittich (CAR)

M. Bishop (CAR)

J. Larsson (CAR)

D. Malgin (CAR)

J. Weber (CAR)

A. DeAngelo (EDM)

A. Brilliant (NYI)

H. Borgstrom (NYI)

J. Tavares (NYI)

E. Nilsson (DET)

I. Bhinder (DET)

M. Williams (DET)

S. Skinner (BUF)

P. Grespan (BUF)

J. Storey (ANA)

N. Tryamkin (ANA)

N. Kakouras (ANA)

O. Bjorkstrand (ANA)

D. Pergjini (ARI)

S. Stevens (ARI)

J. Mustonen (NJD)

C. Anker (NJD)

C. Le (TBL)

M. Moor (NSH)

J. Guentzel (NSH)

C. Fowler (NYR)

J. Farabee (NYR)

M. Davidsson (NYR)

H. Gustavsson (MIN)

M. Malcharek (MIN)

A. Gaudette (STL)

J. Tanaka (FLA)

S. Milano (PHI)

B. Cartier (TOR)

J. Bertrand (TOR)

J. Carlson (VAN)

D. Sprong (VAN)

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The following people are getting their contracts slid, bolded are in the AHL:


Tyler Lekun

Bryn Loewen

Liam Francis

Laurent Wery

Petri Leonidas

Samuel Frisk

Andreas Bernheim

Yves Bedin

Shane Green

Cooper Lade

Chad Reynish

Angelo Kobel

Dan Aleardi

James Topping

Vince Coghlan

Riley Grouchy

Martin Wishnowski

Billy Kennedy

Pierre Kitchen

Bruin Kuzyk

Johnny Savage

Cedric Muller

Charlie Celestin

Shaun Bangs

Jared Duininck

Thierry Gilbert

Andrew Reaves

Alvin Chaput

Jaret Fancy

Leos Fotr

Stijn Penders

Brady Thome

Charles Froehlick

Zdenek Buchta

Olivier Dostie

Nathan Tanev

Clint Robillard

Trevor Watts

David Busse

Tom Carlson

John Maiani

Tom Stockie

Matt Becker

Marc Dreher

DaMarcus Chelios

Skylar Lewis

Salim Marini

Jakeem Grella

Young-Min Lenarduzzi

Carl Herringer

Vince Lombardi

Brayden Leason

Payton Charbonneau

Matt Hannoun

Tomas Selicha

Riley Stanley

Alex Henley

Ian Warm

Brooks Gregor

Meritan Ney

Hans Hagg

Johan Rizvani

Alex Mares

Cole Fitzpatrick

Pierre-Rudolph Herbst

Anthony Carmine Fontaine

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