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Things that make you feel good


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A friend of mine who died last year who was trying to have a child at the time,his partner is now pregnant with his son through IVF.




My own son was conceived via IVF. 


I am stoked for his family.

To say this makes me feel good is an understatement.


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1 minute ago, Jimmy McGill said:

The PNE is coming back in a limited way in August ::D this makes me happy. It doesn't feel like summer in Vancouver without it. 


Mini donuts, super dogs, buying needles things at the market, yes please. 



Wasn't that an old joke, you know the rain season will start as soon as the PNE open?:P

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4 minutes ago, Ilunga said:

Great post TR 


The Science backs you up.






Forgiveness is also something that can make you feel good. 


Including physical healing.


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I teach my son to do random acts of kindness.

We often give a bunch and of flowers to someone we meet on our bike rides amongst other things.

However this young man takes it to a whole new level.





They told him he would not walk or talk and he proved them wrong.









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4 hours ago, Ilunga said:

Think you're smart ?


This 3 year old kid who was born prematurely is probably smarter than any member on this board taking age into account 




Already been accepted by MENSA 

Yeah, but can he remember "person, woman, man, camera, TV"?


That's the real test of genius....-_-

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