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[Proposal] Van and Mtl

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I don't make trade suggestions often, as most of the time CDC rips apart virtually every suggestion by our members. But I haven't been whipped and stoned lately, so I'm gonna give it a shot:

To Canadiens: Brock Boeser, Poolman

To Canucks: Tyler Toffoli, David Savard

Why Canadiens do this: Canadiens have been in a funk most of the season in their inability to score goals. Boeser has proven himself historically to be a much better goal scorer than Toffoli, and is also much younger.


Why Vancouver does this: With Brock’s contract up for renewal, a 7.5 (?) QO, and a decision to be made to potentially keep Miller (who is the guy who drives play more) this helps bring a decent return back for Boeser. We give up the better forward in return for the better defenseman, and get out of Poolman's contract, which I think by this point we can all agree isn't ideal.


Revised Lineup:


Miller Pettersson Toffoli

Pearson Horvat Hoglander

Podkolzin Dickinson Chiasson

Motte Lammikko Highmore


OEL Myers

Hughes Savard
Burroughs Hamonic/Schenn


Note: Yes, I know TT is on IR. This assumes any details like that are cleared up first. It's also probably assuming Montreal believes they can right the ship largely with the assets they have and aren't going full rebuild.



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In all seriousness, I'm open to moving Boeser because you're absolutely right, his extension is up in the air and that qualifying offer is too high. But I don't think this deal works for Vancouver, but it's less to do with what you've proposed than what Rutherford's said. 


Rutherford's on record saying he'd like to get younger if he's making trades, I can't find the quotes or source it but it's been out there for a while. But both players we're bringing back in this deal are older than the guys we're moving out. Boeser's one of our best trade chips, if he's being moved I imagine we'd be getting younger in the deal, whether the return was picks, prospects, or NHL ready youth. 


Edit: found it. “How we’ll look at this in the future is we won’t trade high picks. Anytime we’re making a deal it’s for younger players and we’ll try to bring this team, really make it stronger over the next couple of years, to where it can start to be a regular playoff team.”



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On paper I like the look of the updated team, and we WOULD be getting out from a projected $10 million ($2.5 mil * 4 for Poolman, and $7.5 mil QO for Boeser).
I also get the JR reference re: trading for younger, but Toffoli's still in his prime (he's only 29) and has 2 affordable years left.  Savard doesn't seem to miss many games either despite already being 31, and he'd probably fit a need next to Hughes (optimally his partner is more mobile but I think we could do worse than a rugged shutdown type).  If we sell Boeser prior to the big contract and get two serviceable regulars and the team underperforms, we can sell them for more assets in the future, but I think they would actually meet needs.  If Toffoli doesn't have any beef against our current regime maybe he wouldn't mind coming back?  

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It's funny, bc I've also been pondering a Boeser & Poolman(or Ham?) to the Habs for wks now.


returns: Anderson & Edmundson. (size, skating & toughness)


Also contemplated Drouin(+ maybe a 2nd?) & Edmundson, but it's likely risky.


I think we need a big, exp'd Lhd more than the Rh side


Wouldn't be surprised if the Habs quickly flipped Boeser afterwards. They'd prob get a far greater return than the fwd they dealt us. In this way, they'd clear lots of cap from books, while adding picks/youth

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To be clear, I like Boeser. In fact, I love the guy. I think he's a stand-up dude with some great skills and even though he hasn't shown us his top game this season (along with others on our team. Not naming names), I believe he will continue to be a ppg player for most of his career. 


I also appreciate the idea that the Toffoli ship has sailed. However, I wanted to ensure we got some scoring ability back if we were going to give up a guy the calibre of Boeser. I had considered Anderson as well, but he costs more and I think TT might have the edge in scoring. On the other hand, he brings the physical game more. Nuxfanabroad I also like your target of Edmunson - though he isn't a top 6 replacement that we would require.


From the Canucks perspective, this isn't so much about reacquiring Toffoli as it would be acquiring the large shutdown d-man we so badly need. I think that with Hogs and Podz possibly coming into their own over the next couple of years, our forward group is a position of strength whereas our D, not so much.

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