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[PGT] Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks | Apr. 28, 2022

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-Vintage Canuck-

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1 minute ago, RU SERIOUS said:

As President he certainly can make whatever changes he sees fit.   FA clearly said and I'll quote"  HE IS IN FULL CONTROL" of this franchise.

Full, no, nobody believes everything FA says, but I agree that my original response was quite off the cuff and caught myself in a self own.

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You can tell Pettersson wanted to get Brock Boeser a goal... he was setting him up all night.  Boeser missed the first couple but eventually lit the lamp when it counted.


Nice end to the home game season... although maybe a little less Dustin Brown would have been better... sorry can't get sentimental about a dirty player.


Great to see Pettersson and Miller add to their point totals... really would like to see them get to 70 and 100.


First two periods were terrible for the Canucks... they seemed to be asleep.  Fortunately Spencer Martin had another brilliant game.  I think there is no doubt we have our backup for next year... now need to find a way to get something for Halak.


Another timely goal by Chiasson... I am finding it harder and harder to dislike the guy... he has shown up and filled in on the top six really well.

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6 minutes ago, Green Building said:

NHL 94 for me.  


Soooo many hours.

One of the shinning moments of this 2022 season is that EP, Miller, Quinn and Demko will all be higher rated in NHL 2022.


Demko has a 82 rating in NHL 21 like come on, can't wait to see new player ratings when the game comes out!

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2 minutes ago, RU SERIOUS said:

2 on 2  - the best!

Man that game and Blades of Steel bring me way back.  


We used to hit play on Blades and run outside to play street hockey for 20 mins then run inside to a tie 0-0 game just to play the shootout.  


Rinse, play, outside street hockey, repeat. All day.  


Where did we get the energy?

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47 minutes ago, Pickly said:

Awe man. Bittersweet that Boes scores in his potential last game at Rogers. What a comeback from these boys can’t wait for next season. 

That is exactly what I was thinking.


In fact, Boes looked a little emotional in the post game celebration... wonder if he knows he won't be back>?


Hard to say what is going to happen... if Miller can't be signed, then I think Boeser stays.  If Miller signs, then I have to wonder if there is room for Boes.

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Fun night to put an end to my first season back with the team after a few years away. Should be an interesting off-season for the new regime but there’s only one transaction I care about and that’s seeing the black skate jersey traded to our permanent home or third jersey choice :lol:

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