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  1. Took a quick look at his views. Looks like a topic id rather not get involved in
  2. Jordan Peterson's name keeps popping up and I feel like I need to start getting to know this guys views because of it (I dont know jack-ola about him). That being said, from what Ive heard I dont think Im that motivated either but @Timbermen seems to be a big fan.
  3. OK.  Listening to Canucks media availability zoom calls.  There is a female host/PR person? that keeps cutting people off after an initial answer when media presents questions.  Can someone please rationalize this for me because it is DRIVING ME &^@#ING CRAZY.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      What about the media person that hosted the draft lottery yesterday? I'm like could you be a more corporate shill? 

      This is the problem with media. People will give anything to make money, and be on TV. 

      They will sell out all their principles to make a buck. 


  4. They were probably interested before Hughes and Rathbone, now I highly doubt it.
  5. STL has a very physical defense. Lotto line is going to face a big test. You know Hughes is gonna be a target to slow down as well. I think dealing with how strong STL is going to be the big challenge for the Canucks
  6. Misses brought home an eight week old kitten today totally by surprise

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Regarding food, look at the first few ingredients.  They should all be meat.



      @brilac my wife and I are crazy animal people.  I had the sense your cats stayed indoors- just wanted to ask.  I'm guessing boredom and inactivity isn't an issue for u?  I just went out and bought the smallest harness possible.  Tomorrow is day 1 of outside leash training.  As far as outdoor cats go, I completely understand.  Had to save a small cat the other night on my way home from an owl stalking it.  


      @King Heffyfor sure.  We only buy good quality pet food from our pet store.  Wet food only for this little guy 


    4. brilac


      @SILLY GOOSE, Georgie is a lot of fun! I got her at the perfect time in February.  She loves all her toys, has taken over the living room, demands being petted, only drinks water from the sink, enjoys watching TV, and thinks the Yoga mat is hers.  She's laying on it right now. 

  7. Really impressed with the line up taking it up another level. Genuinely surprised how much snarl Myers has.