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  1. I'll go with Nick Ritchie
  2. Lame A.V. I hope NYR suck for all eternity or as long as your coach there.
  3. Broner/Granados - good tilt. Towards the end of the fight it was looking like Broner might get the KO
  4. I dunno man. I listen to him speak and he sounds like a mellow, down to earth kid. Maybe you mean discipline, not character? I think that is what he will have to work hard at to overcome- developing good habits. Also, easier said than done. But I think he'll find his way, I hope/
  5. He's a young guy Alf. Not everyone is like Bo where they are basically a pro off the ice at such a young age. Jake has the talent and is a very unique player. Be patient with the kid and let him find his way (hopefully)
  6. People thought the same thing about BOS before their 2011 run, it was a team built on balance. JB seems to be building a very similar structure of players here too. You're right though, VAN cannot afford to not have Boeser/Juolevi/Virtanen not work out. The only way this team can turn around is for JB to nail his draft picks and for them to develop accordingly.
  7. IMO as much as I love Burrows, his LW position could use someone that is able to generate more speed/puck possession and hopefully some more scoring because of it. Megna is a placeholder for hopefully Boeser next season. Hansen is a solid winger but the expansion draft complicates things with him. Another thing I think the Canucks are kind of lacking is a 4th line that is able to take mins away from the rest of the lines to help keep them fresh/playing at their best. Chaput and Guance have good potential for next season but they have to take another step. I don't mind Skille but the Canucks could definitely use another young gun with speed that's ready to take the step next season. I hate to say it but if JB could package a defenseman and even Baertschi for a bonafide scorer like Landeskog?, it might be worthwhile to do (just shooting from the hip here, I'm sure the expansion draft complicates things here as well)
  8. The way you talk it would seem like you have a direct phone line to talks between NHL GM's. You don't, so stop assuming to know what's going on. The BS factor is bigger with you.
  9. ...third man high covers for the defenseman. that's how you play as a team
  10. lol blues fans are going to be PISSED
  11. Because you are not privy to any substantive information. You've already stated there are "contingent factors". Taking any of these factors for granted is just ignorant. The same thing you are doing with your words "opportunity to talk". You simply don't know what's going on. I do know the difference, and if took the time to read carefully you might be more charitable to what I am saying. Based on last years TDL, and CDC's popular opinion, people seem to think JB doesn't talk to other teams early enough. You seem to be presuming such is the case this year as well. Like I stated, how do you know he hasn't already started discussions already? Maybe not with players or their agents though. If time/getting talks started early doesn't necessarily matter, then why bother making the claim that it would?
  12. Think about what you're saying. Who is to say 'time' has any bearing on making a trade whatsoever? Maybe it does, then again maybe it doesn't. Making a trade doesn't necessarily hinge on getting started earlier, and you're presuming JB hasn't already talked to other teams interested in Canuck players (again assuming so). You're the one making positive claims about how a trade can/should/would/whatever be made when you're not privy to any direct information between JB and other GM's. All assumptions on your part based on ignorance. I'm the one with the wait-and-see perspective, not you.
  13. yet another 'contingent factor' aka baseless assumption