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  1. lol man. Forget a dictionary definition, those two songs define diametrically opposed
  2. How I'm feeling bout now:
  3. Blown headgasket yay  

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    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      i had a 4.3 v6 blazer that i blew the head gask, and warped it i had it milled down 20 thous, it actually had more power ,not much but noticeable.

    3. BananaMash


      This is a FAMILY forum, sir.

    4. VanGnome


      Well, I got you beat. My daily driver was a 1997 VW Golf GTi, VR6. Head gasket blew, engine cylinder filled up with oil and bent a rod after I tried to rolling start the car after it died on me (before I knew it was a blown head gasket, and I was in the middle lane of traffic).

      Lost 7 grand into that car after scrapping it (including the purchase price) over the course of oh, 5-6 months.

  4. Agreed, this team is definitely still trying to develop their next wave and it is going to take awhile longer. He is also making difficult choices on guys like Tryamkin knowing that fans want to see a shiny new toy, even though it might not be in the teams best interests to play him right away. All that being said, you looks at teams like ANH or LA who have excellent depth and are top teams but having slow starts to the year. Just goes to show the unpredictable nature of sports
  5. I shouldn't have pegged you into the always head coach-hating category as it might just be WD's decisions you seem to disagree with. IMO you have guys like Torts on one end of the spectrum who I'm guessing not many players enjoy playing for for extended periods of time, and WD on the other end who I'm guessing players appreciate playing for. Then you have Babcock who seems to be high on everyone's list, coaching a good and young group in TOR, and yet they are having their fair share of difficulties as well. Point is that coaches can definitely help, but they shouldn't be viewed as a magic bullet solution. Even if Javis suddenly become head coach I highly doubt the Canucks would play that much differently. The systems the Canucks have in place are solid, and it is going to be a long season with lots of ups and downs. The hope is that by the end of it they are challenging for that playoff spot.
  6. No, you are entitled to your opinion, and speak it. However, not everyone has to agree with you.
  7. It is easy to sit on your couch eating potato chips watching the game and think the players should be trying harder. As for Bo, if you don't think he is an excellent defensive C well, you are definitely lost. You can disagree with WD's line changes even though it seems fairly short sighted to me. I wouldn't doubt that WD seeks input from his assistants AND the players when it comes to tinkering with the lines. He has a collaborative mindset, and willingness to seek out new ideas. As for Jarvis, if we pretend he becomes the head coach it will just be the same story with folks like you. Just another head coach to dump on and for you to think you know so much more about hockey than......
  8. Willie seems like a motivational coach, and if you've every played sports at a high level you would understand how important that is to players to have a coach like that. Also, everyone seems to peg Jarvis as the only guy who cleaned up how the players perform in the neutral zone-which is just ignorant. The coaching staff already identified this as an area of concern. It would be kind of naive to think it wasn't a collaborative effort, just like how they approach back check support in the D zone and break outs even though Lidster primarily handles defensive zone duties. You'll notice that WD is much quicker to tinker his lines and try things out (like Bo as an excellent shutdown C on the 4th line who still can generate offense). Putting Baertschi with the twins was an experiment to try and get all three going as the Sedins/Loui weren't exactly playing strong puck possession game. I find it humorous that some can peg blame on Willie even though the players clearly didn't have the energy needed to play against a big tough team like ANH. Chill out
  9. One bad game and the wackos come out of the woodwork
  10. Heh. Yeah the Canucks arn't really a line up that sport a lot of good shooters. I always thought that when Quick is on his game though he is near impossible to beat. I agree with your sentiment although I would really like to see what a BMW F80 M3. One of the local shops specializing in BMW's just got in an M4 GTS as well which would be cool to try. But I think you're still sight. I'll take a lower HP vehicle that feels more alive and connected to the road then a high HP stale feeling car any day of the week.
  11. Not ti mention that they always have the potential to light things up offensively. Justbecause Quick is out doesn't make them a bad team
  12. The Accountant - 7.5 out of 10. Nowhere near as bad as the critics make it out to be. I didn't find much wrong with it. Good Bourne style popcorn flic.
  13. I think it's time to get honey badger with the Sedins and Eriksson with Sutter to see if they can get going.