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  1. @riffraff have you checked out this Trash Talk song? I've had it on repeat for the last month straight
  2. lol to true. my misses has a Honda fit, and I too can attest that anything over 100 begins to feel a tad sketchy, but that just might have to do with the short wheelbase making it more of a twitchy vehicle.
  3. I'm not sure RealtorRod is a good example of 'critical thinker' either
  4. I used to love FPS, and have been looking for something to get into again. I was geeking out hard on how it felt like I was in the star wars universe hahaha. If I don't have to worry about getting cake walked I might just pick this up I think! Looking forward to seeing what the add on content is like too!
  5. Encouraging to hear Pedan's battle level was ramped up for the first day. Hope he keeps the momentum up and through the exhibition games
  6. The Division might be a good blend of shooter/strategy. I didn't buy Star Wars Battlefront (kinda wish I did), but the demo was really cool if your into the sounds and stuff of SW
  7. Not a whole lot in the way of interviews today :/
  8. He's flown under the radar but I'm really stoked to see how he does.
  9. I'd say that's the knock on him though- his battle level on defense seems real low especially compared to Biega. Hope he proves otherwise
  10. I'd like to see Hansen with the Sedins again if Eriksson/Sedins look a little slow 5 on 5- I bet Jannik is primed to have another productive year. Eriksson with Baer and Bo would probably do very well as all three seem to score the goals right around the net, especially Eriksson.
  11. Hoping for this, so people can stop belly aching about how much he is getting paid
  12. I know everyone expects Edler/Tanev, Hutton/Gudbranson but I would be stoked if Edler/Gudbranson & Hutton/Tanev could work out as pairings as well. Other teams might have a difficult time getting the puck out of their zone against Tanev/Hutton
  13. His skating looks decent enough, but you're probably right, working on speed definitely would make him that much better
  14. I DL'd Tricky Towers while it was free for the misses and I actually get totally into watching her play it. I tried it afterwards and it can be fricking hard! FEZ is also another good one but single player