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  1. Forgot about the Josha/K fight. Will have to watch that one. Just finished Porter/Berto. Meh. Im not really enjoying Porter's fights as of late
  2. getting the 5th pick isnt exactly historic
  3. it would be funny if players refused to touch Messier's award because they want to win the big one (Clancy)
  4. Honestly I just see Chiarelli riding the coat tails of McDavid, Draisaitl etc. He doesnt strike me as a very good evaluator of talent in thee long run, but then again my hater shades see any Oiler as such.
  5. I know exactly how this kid feels

  6. so how does one deal with an inevitable tank, entertainment wise that is?
  7. I hope ANH crushes the Oilers into another 10 year rebuild
  8. He's not a very big guy. It would probably serve him well to play in the AHL for as long as he needs to work on his strength and conditioning. At least 1 season, most likely 2.
  9. IMHO opinion I was never that high on Tryamkin.  Never seemed like his heart was really in it. Remember when Willie called him out for not stepping up for his teammates?  And when he refused to play in Utica?  Maybe he'll come back but that's probably wishfull thinking...................

    1. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Remember when Willie called him out for not stepping up for his teammates when he didn't even play him against the people that he was supposed to be standing up against?


    2. RRypien37


      Both are gone. Mute point. 

  10. No offense but youre full of it, plain and simple
  11. Say what you will but having to play against a team that bears down on you- it has a certain intimidation factor. And some days people just wont want to get hit
  12. I might actually watch the awards for once