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A club for anyone who lives in their parent's basement and prefers to play text based games rather than face the reality of their sad and lonely life situation. If that accurately describes you join up!
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  2. This is for Calvin and for Fabian. They are brothers of the Aboriginal plight; they are Heroes of the First Nations. "SIOUX" is the warcry of the Wise Raven who is goddess of the nightchildren. Let them go for the Cup here if they have ever roosted; this is what I am, ARCHANGEL who grants all that they might live if they have ever had a prayer. I am the MIGHTIEST. I am THE ALMIGHTY. LET THEM ALL HAVE FATHERS AND MOTHERS.
  3. Everybody that browses this topic has been impregnated by me.
  4. lmao I didn't even realize I was a moderator here.
  5. I support Aladeen's big hard club. Inside these walls feel really good. I support Aladeen's big hard club. It feels great rubbing against my hood.
  6. I am sure that is what all your exes have said about your sucking skills. If my club sucks like that it’s cause of the policy to allow anyone in. We need stronger immigration policies! I propose that we build a wall around you that you have to pay for. Make Mafia Great Again!!
  7. Supreme Leader @Aladeen, it sucks itself so much that any more suck would be negative suck.
  8. Supreme Leader @Aladeen, your club sucks.
  9. That's soooooo fuggin' gay...but in the now antiquated sense of an exuberance of joy
  10. i dont think you can use gay to describe things anymore. it's 2017
  11. clubs are gay... this one is super gay... I regret joining already.... it's fine, half way through next game I'll do a proper rage quit and leave this stupid club
  12. Someone make a Gentleman's Club.
  13. Not that I would be playing. Still obviously retired.
  14. Christmas time revival imo. I think the next game is #200 so it has to be good. @Master Radishes?
  15. hahahaha I remember that game. was so funny seeing how dumb some players were. hopefully they became sweet potatoes since then.
  16. We stand at 4 mafia, 5 tp, 2 lovers.THATS A BIG RATIO GIVEN THE LOVERS LOOK LIKE TP AND YOU GUYS ONLY BOTHER THINKING ABOUT THE MAFIAAnyways, so this round I die.This means Heffy is dead as well.3 mafia, 4 tp, 2 loversFirst off, you guys are screwed unless you activate the SK purely numbers wise. (3/4 is not the same as 1/3)So here is where we kill MH.You guys literally have no brain so maybe you hit lucky and get one of my teammates.2 mafia, 3tp, 2 lovers.And that's when you're pretty much screwed.


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