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Canada's campaign to get to the World Cup begins tomorrow (Thursday) as they play their first game in the final qualifying round.


Overall, they play three games of the fourteen total over the next week.  The schedule:


Canada vs Honduras Sept 2, 5:00.


US vs Canada Sept 5, 5:00.


Canada vs El Salvador Sept 8, 4:30.


Unfortunately, I don't think the Honduras and El Salvador games are available on network tv.  They are available on the streaming service "One Soccer":




Fortunately, the US game will be available on TSN 4.


To get off to a good start you gotta figure Canada has to win the two home games.


Let the fun begin!      :gocan:

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Came across this startling little factoid:


According to figures from transfermarkt.co.uk, the Gunners' current squad cost a stunning £495.95m to assemble, which is more than European powerhouses including Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus.


Only Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Liverpool have spent more in assembling their squads.


That will only add to the frustration among Arsenal fans.




Can't imagine the owners are too happy about this, either.

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8 hours ago, UKNuck96 said:

Good day to be a Newcastle fan. Mike Ashley is gone 

Happy for your supporters.  Besides the 2011/12 season and some of the Rafa years (which arguably weren't amazing, either), it's been tough to watch some of the stuff that's gone down at your club.  Better days should follow as early as January.



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