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Dan Hamhuis-Wow!


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What can you say about Dan Hamhuis? He is EXTREMELY underrated outside of Vancouver, perhaps even in VanCity itself. The man has 37 points and is a +28. Thats good enough for top 25 in defenseman point totals and 2nd in the league for defenseman +/- (only behind Chara). He is only one point off of his career high in points, which he set in his second full year in the NHL with Nashville.

This guy is an absolute stud defensively, delivers clean, crisp breakout passes, and leads the charge on the backend, yet he is hardly ever discussed.

Let's compare him with the rest of our defense, which, might I add, are also solid.

Dan Hamhuis: 81gp, 37pts, +28

Kevin Bieksa: 77gp, 43pts, +12

Alex Edler: 81gp, 49pts, +0

Sami Salo: 68gp, 25pts, +7

Chris Tanev: 24gp, 2pts, +9

Keith Ballard: 47gp, 7pts, +0

As we can see, Hamhuis has a +16 lead on second place (in terms of +/-).

Overall, while Edler leads the team in points, his +/- is a bit disturbing and truly speaks of his defensive struggles in the second half of this season. Kevin Bieksa is also having a good season, amassing his highest point totals in some time, as well as having a sold +12 rating. Salo actually played the majority of games this year, and was solid. Tanev has been very impressive and while the points aren't there, the defensive play is, as seen in his +9. Ballard was playing a lot better before he got hurt.

In conclusion, I believe that this year, Dan Hamhuis has been our best defenseman, unsung hero, and perhaps even MVP.

Appreciate him Vancouver, he is one of the best that there is.

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Guest Dasein

Hamhuis is our #1 defenseman.

Without him, our defense is in shambles as we witnessed last summer.

I'm okay with losing a Sedin, one of Luongo or Schneider, or even Kesler - but not Hamhuis. He's irreplaceable.

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