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Ha! We're not getting

anything decent for Lu... The best we could possibly hope for is albatross for albatross (Luongo for Nash). Other than that, we're getting hosed...

And, not just for one or two reasons, we're getting hosed for just soooooo many:

1. Lu's been a prima donna since day one (remember all the hoops he used to make management jump through - well, I shouldn't say 'used to', he's still doing it to this day?).

2. Lu's treated management as bad as management treated Bure. Well, OK, maybe not quite that bad, but not good either. And, who has to make a massive gamble to acquire Lu?... Right, another team's management... They're like elephants, they don't forget.

3. If you were a coach or GM, would you want a player who asked out of a decade-long contract after three games on the bench??? Ever???

4. Lu is reportedly steering the trade towards one or two teams (who have nothing we want).

5. Lu never moved his family here. Despite signing a contract in the 2000's - that ran through the 2010's - and into the 2020's... Would you want a player who cared that much about your city?...

6. Would you want a player (signed for another decade) whose production declined dramatically and almost immediately after he signed that contract?...

7. That contract.

8. Oh, and that contract was clearly designed so Lu could cheat the rules (and not play the last few years, yet still get paid the big bucks). Would you want a player who is OK with cheating?...

9. Luongo made his trade request public - thereby ensuring we don't get fair value. Again, would you want a player who did that to his last team on your team???

10. And, it's worth repeating... This isn't a long, drawn out thing or something that's been brewing forever. Lu is pissed that A BETTER PLAYER got to start THREE GAMES ahead of him. Three. Freaking. Games. And, he can't stand playing on this team anymore... Would you want a player like that on your team???

And, remember...

If you pick this player up - you are on the hook for like fifty million dollars - AND - you have to give up one or more decent players in exchange...

Oh yeah, and is this player famous for being a choker?...

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When Doan's agent immediately put every team 'on the list' , he was fishing for a better deal from the Yotes. Now that the legal issues seem to have been stalled or put off another year, he is trying to squeeze the best deal possible before the CBA is changed.


I lolled at this. Well done.

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