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Melanson slags on Carey Price


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In this story, current Canucks goaltending coach Roland Melanson has a lot to say about Carey Price.

Aren't the Canucks hated enough around the league without going around talking about players on other team's in a negative way like this? I mean, what does Melanson or the Canucks gain from this?

Even though it could very well be all true, the real question is why even bother saying it publicly? I mean, he sort of sounds bitter that he was fired or otherwise blamed for whatever struggles Price had in his time there.

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I don't understand what his goal is by saying that?

Is he that sour over getting fired still? If so, then he's really not the kind of character you want in your organization.

I feel like this organization just doesn't know how to stay away from negative press. Just keep your mouths shut about the refs, other teams, and players, and focus on the product on the ice.

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Melanson's comments shows how much confidence he has in his coaching abilities and his goaltenders, to come out and make a bold statement like that. I like it, makes me feel like we chose the right guy for the job.

I have faith Schneids will be groomed into an elite goaltender under his wing, while Price continues to suffer from his "goaltender positionality disorder"(GPD) and becomes the next playoff choker! :lol:

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